Brighton and Sussex Medical School is an equal partnership between the Universities of Sussex and Brighton together with NHS organisations throughout the South East region. The arrangements for the School's governance reflect this approach and students are awarded joint BM BS degrees of both Universities.

The School is fully committed to the principles of Tomorrow's Doctors; we endorse the value of medical education in a multi-professional context, and promote the highest possible standards in our teaching, clinical practice, and research (both fundamental and applied).


We admit approximately 135 students annually to our BM BS degree course. Students spend their first two years primarily on the universities' campuses at Falmer; thereafter the focus shifts to the associated teaching hospitals and community settings in Brighton and the surrounding area. We have purpose-built teaching facilities in all areas.

Our curriculum emphasises early clinical involvement, a broad range of experience and a firm foundation in basic science. We employ a wide range of teaching and learning approaches as appropriate for the particular circumstances; we are not committed to a single method of delivery. Feedback from the National Student Survey has demonstrated an exceptionally high level of student satisfaction, with BSMS students consistently returning overall satisfaction rates above 95%.


The BSMS 5 year strategic plan (2009 – 14) placed growth in research capacity as the number one priority. We have made significant investments in research infrastructure, including a world-class Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre (CISC) housing a 1.5T MRI and a PET- CT scanner and a Clinical Investigation & Research Unit (CIRU) dedicated to patient-orientated research and early clinical trials. There has been a rapid increase in postgraduate research students and research income has more than doubled over the last five years.

The Medical School is organised across four major divisions: Clinical and Laboratory Investigation, Primary Care and Public Health Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Medical Education.


BSMS offers an Academic Training Programme aimed at doctors who are considering an academic career in medicine. The programme is jointly overseen by BSMS and Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex and in close collaboration with the relevant partnership NHS Trusts (Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust and Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust).

Read more about Academic Training.


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