Administrative staff

School Secretary office

Peter Pimblett-Dennis, Medical School Secretary (contact via Sue Harper)

Pippa Robinson, Deputy Medical School Secretary
T: 01273 876752

Sue Harper, Personal Assistant to Peter Pimblett-Dennis and Pippa Robinson
T: 01273 877864

Simone Breckell, Divisional Assistant to Chairs of Applied Physiology and Elderly Care E:
T: 01273 523360

Pat Butler, Divisional Assistant to Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre
Personal Assistant to Chairs of Medical Physics, Experimental Medicine, Neurology, and CISC Clinical Director
T: 01273 876768

Lisa Costick/Ellen Thomas, Divisional Assistant to Division of Medicine
Personal Assistant to Chairs of Medicine, Anatomy, and Clinical & Biomedical Ethics
T: 01273 877890

Adel Field, Divisional Assistant to Division of Medical Education
T: 01273 644743

Judy Keogh/Katie Isaac, Divisional Assistant to Chair of Paediatrics
T: 01273 696955 ext 2409

Sonia Khan, Divisional Assistant to Division of Primary Care and Public Health
Personal Assistant to Chairs of Primary Care and Epidemiology
T: 01273 644143

Jon Mann, Unit Administrator of Primary Care & Public Health
T: 01273 641924

Administrator for the Medical Research Building 
T: 01273 877889

Tracy Woodcock, Personal Assistant/Unit Administrator to Psychosocial Oncology Unit/SHORE-C
T: 01273 873019

Hazelle Woodhurst, Divisional Assistant to Chair of Psychiatry
T: 01273 873833


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