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Ali, Dr Khalid
Stroke and TIA medicine
Banerjee, Prof Sube
Dementia, mental health, epidemiology, health services, health policy, strategy, quality improvement
Bremner, Dr Stephen
Medical statistics
Cassell, Prof Jackie
Electronic patient records; sexually transmitted infections; public health research
Cercignani, Prof Mara
Quantitative MRI
Chevassut, Dr Tim
Clinical haematology; leukaemia; stem cells; DNA methylation; cell reprogramming
Cooper, Dr Max
Primary care, qualitative research
Critchley, Prof Hugo
Psychiatry; affective neuroscience; autonomic psychophysiology; neuroimaging; consciousness science


Davey, Prof Gail
Non-communicable diseases of low-income countries; podoconiosis (endemic non-filarial elephantiasis); & asthma
Davies, Prof Kevin
Rheumatology; Immunopathology;  systemic lupus erythematosus & related autoimmune diseases
Dilley, Dr Andrew
Peripheral mechanisms of chronic pain; neuroinflammation & electrophysiology
Dowell, Dr Nicholas
MRI Physics
Fallowfield, Prof Lesley
Psychosocial oncology; quality of life assessment; communication skills for health care professionals in cancer
Farsides, Prof Bobbie
Medical Ethics
Ferns, Prof Gordon
Metabolic medicine & clinical biochemistry
Fidler, Dr Katy
Genetic susceptibility to infection & inflammation



Ghezzi, Prof Pietro
Cytokines & inflammation; neuroinflammatory diseases; Oxidative stress & redox regulation
Governo, Dr Ricardo
Pain imaging; Neuroscience
Harrison, Dr Neil
Psychoneuroimmunology; Emotional Neuroscience; Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Jenkins, Dr Valerie
Psycho-oncology; Neuropsychological impairments associated with cancer treatments
, Prof Florian

Immunology of Infection; Antigen-specific Immunity
, Prof P. Nigel

Motor Neuron disorders; neurodegenerative disorders 
Levic, Dr Snezana
Development and regeneration of auditory system; electrophysiology
Llewellyn, Dr Carrie
Health Services Research; Health psychology; psycho-oncology; social cognition models
, Dr Martin

Healthcare Associated Infection


Medford, Dr Nick
Clinical neuropsychiatry; Functional neuroimaging
Memon, Dr Anjum
Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine
Mengozzi, Dr Manuela
Cytokines & inflammation; neuroinflammation; multiple sclerosis
Mukhopadhyay, Prof Somnath
Paediatrics; gene-environmental interactions that regulate eczema & asthma in childhood
Newbury, Dr Sarah
RNA stability in development
Newport, Prof Melanie
Genetic regulation of immune responses; infectious disease; infant immune responses to vaccination; podoconiosis
Okorie, Dr Michael
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Hypertension



Peters, Prof Mike
Imaging inflammation; Blood cell kinetics; Imaging lymphatic function
Price, Dr Jim
Medical Education; Complexity Theory; Professional Development; GP's Commissioning; Medical Leadership
Rabe, PD Dr Heike
Rajkumar, Prof Chakravarthi
Geriatrics; process of ageing; stroke; hypertension; & vascular compliance
, Prof Malcolm
Surgical oncology
Rojas, Dr Jaime Vera
HIV Medicine 


Sacre, Dr Sandra
Innate Immune receptor signalling; Inflammatory mechanisms in musculoskeletal diseases; Primary human cell and tissue research
Scott-Smith, Dr Wesley
Clinical Reasoning; Undergraduate Portfolios
Sigala, Dr Natasha
Cognitive Neuroscience
Smith, Dr Claire
, Prof Helen
Evaluation of new technologies in Primary Care - pragmatic trial design; Allergy
Tabet, Dr Naji
Dementia disorders
Tarzi, Dr Michael
Adaptive immune responses to environmental allergens
Trueba, Dr Mei L
International Development, Labour relations and Medical anthropology. In particular Occupational Health and Safety in Low-and Middle-Income Countries. 


Verma, Dr Sumita
Hepatology; chronic viral hepatitis B and C; alcoholic hepatitis; & autoimmune hepatitis
Waddell, Dr Simon
Tuberculosis; TB pathogenesis; TB drug discovery; transcriptionall profiling; host-pathogen interactions 
Whale, Dr Richard
Pharmacology & neurobiology of mental illness
Witchel, Dr Harry
non-verbal communication; motion capture; engagement
Wright, Dr Juliet
Hypertension & Cognition; Genetic Polymorphism & Depression in the Elderly


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