Art and Medicine symposium

28 May, 2011     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

BSMS Teaching Building - Biology Road, University of Sussex, Falmer, BN1 9PX

Perspectives on Art and Medicine Symposium

 This symposium focuses on the relationship of art and medicine viewed from many perspectives. Speakers include leading experts in the fields of art and science alongside students from Brighton and Sussex Medical School whose work is featured in the accompanying “Art and Medicine” exhibition. Brighton and Sussex Medical School has worked on collaborative projects with several high profile artists.

Provisional Symposium Schedule

1:00 Welcome and Keynote Professor Helen Smith

1:30 Creative Communication: Art and Medicine Panel
With Anna Dumitriu (Chair), Patrick Altes, Simon Hall and Lucy McCabe
This panel features artists and medical students and outlines some of the groundbreaking collaborations that Brighton and Sussex Medical School has enabled, including Patrick Altes Leverhulme Artist’s Residency in the Oncology Dept of the Royal Sussex County and Anna Dumitriu’s “Creative Communication” course for medical students which uses installation art and performance to communicate issues in medicine.

2:30 Coffee Break (drinks and refreshments available for purchase at Dr Orders Cafe)

3:00 Drawing From Life: Arts & Medicine Collaborative Project Panel
With Dr Inam Haq, Patrick Letschka, Tom Ainsworth (Chair) and Dr Philippa Lyon. This session will explore transdisciplinarity across arts and medical education, introducing some benefits of transdisciplinary approaches in learning and teaching and discussing drawing as a method to facilitate and critique collaborative teaching and learning practices.

4:00 Laboratory Life Panel
With Honor Harger and Laboratory Life collaborators including Rosie Sedgwick. This panel discusses Laboratory Life, a cutting edge art-science laboratory, led by artist Andy Gracie & organised by Lighthouse and The Arts Catalyst, staged as part of Brighton Science Festival.

5:00 Symposium ends (there are local bars on campus serving food in between the symposium and Exhibition Private View)

7:00 Exhibition Private View and performances

£5 registration fee - which goes towards the students work and exhibition costs - click here to register.

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