BSMS hosts Acid Fast Club

July 02, 2012 at 11:09 AM



The Acid Fast Club Summer Meeting 2012 was hosted by Brighton and Sussex Medical School on 5 and 6 July..

The Acid Fast Club, formed in 1954, is an opportunity for the UK mycobacterial research community to share their latest findings. The club was founded to fill a perceived need: to provide opportunities for people doing research on the pathology and bacteriology of tuberculosis to meet and discuss their work. This year was an exciting meeting with around 130 participants joining the event.

Of the range of talks, a number highlighted mycobacterial work at BSMS/Sussex with presentations by Prof Mel Newport, Prof Florian Kern and Dr Mark Paget with the latest results of UK mycobacterial research presented.

Dr Olivier Neyrolles from CNRS Toulouse delivered an excellent keynote lecture.

View the programme

Dr Simon Waddell, Lecturer in Molecular Biochemistry, said: ‘It’s fantastic that the Acid Fast Club has chosen BSMS to host their summer meeting this year. It provides a great opportunity for BSMS researchers to showcase their work on global health to the mycobacterial research community.’


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