BBC film features BSMS research

July 06, 2012 at 10:12 AM

The research of Professor Hugo Critchley, BSMS Chair in Psychiatry, has been profiled in a new BBC documentary film, Heart versus Mind: What Makes Us Human? due to be broadcast on Tuesday 10 July at 9pm on BBC Four.

Renowned filmmaker David Malone, unravels the heart’s conflicting histories, both as an emotional symbol and a physical organ, and looks at the latest scientific discoveries about its structures, capacities and roles.

One of Professor Critchley’s research areas looks at how our hearts control our emotions. For example, our sensitivity to other people’s fear and shock is reduced just before, and increased just after, each heartbeat. Tracing how this occurs in the brain casts light on the heart’s role in thoughts and feelings, which may eventually lead to new psychiatric treatments.

David Malone visited Professor Critchley and his team, based at the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre in January 2012, where he undertook tests and scans at the centre, as well as interviewing the team on their research to investigate further the relationship between the brain and the heart.

This one-off programme is part of the BBC Four season, Flesh, Blood and Bone: The Amazing Human Body.


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