Honorary Status

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) may choose to recognise the contribution made by an individual, not employed either by the University of Sussex or the University of Brighton as an assigned employee of BSMS, to the life of the School, by granting them honorary status within the School.

Honorary Status

Honorary status may be granted to an individual in respect of their contribution to the School’s:

  • academic work (teaching, curriculum development and/or research) - the titles being linked to Lecturer and Senior Lecturer grades, or
  • research - the titles being linked to Research grades.

Honorary Title

  • Suitable for an individual who is likely to have a long-term commitment to the School’s work.

Honorary Academic (NHS) contract

Please note that honorary or visiting titles are separate from honorary academic NHS contracts, which are issued to NHS employees who undertake teaching or research as part of their substantive employment contract (job plan). The honorary contract is a Follett requirement.

If you undertake teaching or research as part of your job plan then your NHS Trust's Personnel Department will request an honorary contract on your behalf and this will be reviewed annually as part of your job plan.

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