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At BSMS we are developing a strong reputation for making a real impact to medical research nationally and internationally. Ultimately, we aim to improve medical treatment, answer fundamental biomedical and clinical questions and deliver more personalised healthcare to patients. 

Read more about our researchers who work at BSMS and their areas of interests. 

A unique combination of expertise

We bring together the expertise of both the Universities of Brighton and Sussex to offer researchers the very best in research facilities and support. Our close integration with the local NHS health economy allows researchers to work directly with the local population, with the aim of benefitting their health, while developing research work that can be applied more nationally and globally.

Our research partners include the Surrey and Sussex CLRN.

Read more about our facilities, support and collaboration opportunities.

A step into the future

With significant investment in our Medical Research Building, the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre and the Clinical Investigation Research Unit, we are demonstrating our firm commitment to practical and applicable research – where basic science translates into clinical outcome.

We also plan to place research at the heart of the proposed hospital redevelopment in Brighton


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