At BSMS, you can be sure to get the support you need to develop your research.

Research development

The Research Development Office (run by the University of Sussex) provides a dedicated Research Development Officer who advises and supports BSMS researchers.

Support includes:

  • identifying sources of funding for research
  • disseminating funding information and providing advice on the bidding process
  • advising on the costing and pricing of bids
  • checking and approving all research grant applications and contracts (including Je-S electronic submission) as well as accepting awards
  • administering existing research business, including preparing and submitting claims to sponsors and monitoring compliance with the terms of funding
  • providing services to members of staff in negotiation for research and consultancy contracts.

Technical support

If you require laboratory-based facilities, training will need to be discussed with Dr Natalie Chaplin (BSMS Technical & Administrative Supervisor) in the first instance,

BSMS also has a statistician based in the Clinical Investigation & Research Unit, who mentors lead researchers in the use of statistics and provides training for staff to support grant development.

Studies involving human tissue

For those researchers about to conduct a study using human tissue which will require processing and storage, guidance on how to proceed is available.

Read more about Working with human tissue.

Work with human subjects will need assessment by an Ethics Committee.

Read more about Governance & ethics.

Information services

BSMS has access to the library collections of both universities as well as a dedicated medical library at the Audrey Emerton Building at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Online reference materials including relevant journals are readily available through the library websites. Sussex Direct, the university's online intranet, supports you with the research process.

Support from our undergraduates

The undergraduate course is research-rich; lecturers are encouraged to update the course with their recent findings and students are encouraged to engage early with research activity. Students are required to produce a research project in their fourth year. Many choose to prepare for this by supporting investigators on various projects early in their degree.

Some undergraduates have even been published or presented at conferences before graduating.


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