Psychiatry at BSMS has strengths in affective neuroscience, biological psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and psychological medicine. Neuroimaging research programmes run by Prof Hugo Critchley (Chair in Psychiatry), Dr Nick Medford and Dr Neil Harrison seek to define brain mechanisms underpinning normal and aberrant behaviours in psychiatric and neurological populations.

Dr Richard Whale leads on psychopharmacological research, Prof Hugo Critchley leads in psychosomatic medicine, and Dr Neil Harrison leads in psychoneuroimmunology. A shared interest in emotional neuroscience is complemented by clinical and applied research strengths in affective disorders (Dr Richard Bowskill and Dr Richard Whale).

BSMS Psychiatry is a partner in the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex which supports research into dissociation in psychosis, self representation, awareness and disintegration (Critchley, Medford). Clinical academics also run specialist (research-active) clinical services within Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; including Neuropsychiatry Clinic (Medford), Neurobehavioural Clinic (Critchley, Harrison), Old Age (Tabet), and First Episode Psychosis (Whale). BSMS Psychiatry is linked to the Sussex Psychosis Interest Group and MARS group (mood and anxiety research in Sussex).

BSMS has built a strong research and clinical relationship with the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the area of biological psychiatry and neurodevelopmental conditions.



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