Admissions process

Step 1

Registration for the BMAT opens from 1 September 2015, and standard entry closes at 5pm (BST) on 1 October. The last registration is 5pm (BST) on 15 October 2015, however late fees will apply. The BMAT takes place on 4 November 2015.

Step 2

Submit your application to UCAS by 15 October 2015.

UCAS institution code name: BSMS
UCAS institution code: B74
Course code: A100

Step 3
Admissions office reviews applications. Ineligible applications are identified.
Step 4

Qualifying applications are ranked according to their BMAT results. The admissions board will then invite candidates with a high ranking to interview.

Step 5

Interviews are held during BSMS admissions days on Wednesdays and Saturdays, during January, February, and March each year.

Step 6
Interview panel members make individual recommendations to the admissions board. The admissions board decides which candidates receive offers. 
Step 7
Offers are made (from March). Candidates choose to accept offers.
Step 8
Qualification results are confirmed. Candidates whose offers match their results are confirmed.

See Term dates.


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