a medical education like no other

Staff view


"At BSMS we believe in an integrated approach to the study of medicine with both early patient contact and the development of clinical skills alongside the science-base that underpins modern medicine. This will provide students with the tools required to achieve the highest standards in clinical practice in future years."

Dr Mike Titheradge, Phase 1 Leader

At BSMS we’re looking for exceptional people who have what it takes to become the well rounded, compassionate, pioneering doctors of tomorrow. And we have what it takes to get you there.

You'll find few medical schools quite like us. We combine proven, traditional methods with the latest innovations in teaching and research to create graduates with a distinctive, high quality edge.

You benefit from our integrated, practical approach from the moment you begin your journey with us. Within days you start to build your hands-on clinical experience in GP surgeries and hospitals. Anatomy is taught by full cadaveric dissection to turn theory into reality. While research-active tutors weave the latest insights into everything you learn.

Our standards are high, but our approach is friendly. We’re small enough for you to know everyone on your course and each tutor by name. The door is always open. You’re part of a team.

The result? When you graduate from BSMS you hit the ground running, with the skills you need to become a knowledgeable, caring doctor – and the confidence to use them.


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