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Dr Matt Gabel

Matt Gabel 2

Dr Matt Gabel (PhD)

MND Association Lady Edith Wolfson Junior Non-Clinical Fellow
T: +44 (0)1273 877261
Location: Room 209A, Trafford Centre for Medical Research, University of Sussex, BN1 9RY

PA: Pat Butler

T: +44 (0)1273 876768

Areas of expertise: Disease modelling in ALS; Diffusion and Structural MRI

Research areas: Disease modelling; MCMC; Gaussian mixture modelling


Dr Matt Gabel studied violin at the Royal College of Music, before completing a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Sussex in 2013.  He developed an interest in the medical applications of mathematics during his time at Sussex, and afterwards began a PhD in disease modelling at the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre, BSMS.  Following the completion of his PhD, Matt is working as an MND Association Junior Non-Clinical Research Fellow, using mathematical modelling techniques to investigate the progression of motor neurone disease.


Matt is interested in using mathematics to develop data-driven and un-biased models of disease progression.  His current research involves the development of an Event-Based Model, which is designed to extract information about the progression of a disease in time from purely cross-sectional data sets.  Following results from his PhD, Matt is continuing to develop and extend this model, as well as collaborating with international research institutions to increase the MRI and Clinical data sets that are included in the modelling process.

Selected publications

M Gabel, M Cercignani, DC Alexander, A Al-Chalabi, AL Young, PN Leigh. Data-driven modelling of diffusion MRI changes in ALS indicates evolution of distal prior to proximal corticospinal tract pathology. 69th Annual AAN Annual Meeting; 2017 April

MC Gabel, R Broad, D Alexander, GH Zhang, PN Leigh, M Cercignani. Understanding white matter pathology in ALS using a multimodal approach. ISMRM 25th Annual Meeting; 2017 April

M Cercignani, G Giulietti, N Dowell, MC Gabel, R Broad, PN Leigh, NA Harrison, M Bozzali. Characterising the g-ratio distribution within the healthy population: a tract-by-tract mapping of the effects of age and gender.  Neurobiol Aging. 2017 Jan; 49:109-118