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Dr Nicolas Farina

Nicolas Farina

Dr Nicolas Farina (PhD, MSc, BSc)

Research Fellow in Dementia
T: +44 (0)1273 678995
Location: Room 102, Trafford Centre, BN1 9RY

Areas of expertise: Dementia
Research areas: Dementia; quality of life; lifestyle factors; physical activity


Dr Nicolas Farina studied Psychology and Neuroscience at Keele University, before completing a masters degree in Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol. Having established an interest in dementia, he went onto to complete his PhD ('Lifestyle factors and Alzheimer-type dementia: The link between exercise and cognitive change') at the University of Sussex under the supervision of Prof Jenny Rusted and Dr Naji Tabet. Nicolas joined BSMS in 2014 as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Dementia Studies.

Nicolas is a founding member of the Postdoctoral Research Network at the University of Sussex.


Nicolas is based at the Centre for Dementia Studies at BSMS. He has a wide range of research interests surrounding the promotion of outcomes in people with dementia. In particular, he is interested in promoting quality of life in people with dementia through lifestyle factors such as physical activity. He has previously published a number of articles on the benefits of physical activity on cognition in people with dementia.

Nicolas also manages four research assistants in the recruitment to the MODEM cohort study. The MODEM project, funded by the NIHR and ESRC under their 'Improving Dementia Care' funding initiative, aims to generate new evidence to inform policy and practice to better meet needs, promote the health and well-being of people affected by dementia as well as the well-being of their carers, and achieve efficiency in the use of society’s resources.


Nicolas supervises Laura Hughes in her PhD, 'Development and evaluation of a methodology for the routine measurement of quality of life in care homes'.  Previously, Nicolas was involved in teaching a range of topics including abnormal and clinical psychology. At present, he does not have any other teaching commitments.

Selected publications

Farina N, Tabet N, Rusted J. The relationship between habitual physical activity status and executive function in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease: a longitudinal, cross-lagged panel analysis. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition. 2015;:1-19.

Farina N, Tabet N, Rusted J. Habitual physical activity (HPA) as a factor in sustained executive function in Alzheimer-type dementia: A cohort study. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 2014;59(1):91-97.

Farina N, Rusted J, Tabet N. The effect of exercise interventions on cognitive outcome in Alzheimer's disease: a systematic review. Int Psychogeriatr. 2013;:1-10.

Farina N, Young J, Tabet N, Rusted J. Prospective memory in Alzheimer-type dementia: Exploring prospective memory performance in an age-stratified sample. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology. 2013;35(9):983-992.

Farina N, Isaac MGEKN, Clark AR, Rusted J, Tabet N. Vitamin E for Alzheimer's dementia and mild cognitive impairment. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2012;11:.