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“At BSMS we strongly believe that our curriculum must be value-based, both inside and outside the classroom; and that all people involved with our school should feel welcome and respected, and should be helped to feel confident about themselves and valued for the positive contributions they can make. The school has a commitment to equality and diversity including protected characteristics such as gender, race, disability, religion, age and sexuality.”

The school will fulfil its commitment to Equality and Diversity by:

  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to opposing and removing inequality and discrimination in all its forms
  • Promoting an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect among all members of the school community;
  • Ensuring that all staff and students are treated with dignity and with due regard paid to their beliefs and values
  • Challenging negative stereotypes in all aspects of school life;
  • Enabling classroom discussions of equality and diversity issues thereby inviting students and staff to reflect upon their impact on learning and health care delivery
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is balanced and broad-based, giving BSMS students an holistic understanding of the social, psychological and physical determinants of health
  • Monitoring admissions policies, teaching delivery, school regulations and employment practices to ensure that they take appropriate account of equality and diversity issues 

(From the BSMS Equality and Diversity statement, agreed in April 2014)

To support these aims, BSMS has created an Inclusivity Team which is made up of staff and students from all parts of the school. The team promotes inclusivity and has been particularly involved in gaining the school’s Bronze Athena SWAN award which recognises work undertaken to address gender equality, not just barriers to progression that affect women.

Who is involved?

Inclusivity is relevant to all staff members and students and is a standing item at the Senior Management Group meetings.

The Equality and Diversity work is run by the Inclusivity Team, in conjunction with the Steering Group.

Inclusivity Team
Dr Khalid Ali >
Prof Gail Davey >
Natalie Edelman
Dr Cassandra Gould van Praag>
Jenny Holmes >
Tracy Kellock >
Claire Thomas
Snezana Levic
Lara Manley
Jonathan Mason >
Charlotte Rae >
Pippa Robinson >
Arianne Shahvisi >
Dr Natasha Sigala (joint Lead) >
Dr Jaime Vera-Rojas (joint Lead) >  

Steering Group

Jenny Holmes >
Peter Pimblett-Dennis >
Prof Malcolm Reed (Chair) >
Natasha Sigala >
Dr Jaime Vera-Rojas >


Please contact Jenny Holmes, Project Officer (Athena SWAN), or any other member of the Inclusivity – Equality and Diversity Team if you would like to be more involved.

How can I find out more?

If you are a member of BSMS staff, further information can be found on SharePoint.

Information about the Charter can be found on the Athena SWAN and Medical Schools Council websites.

Resources to support women in academic medicine are available through the BMA website.

The BSMS Bronze submission document is available to download here. Please contact Jenny Holmes or any other member of the Athena SWAN team if you have any questions about this.

Inspirational Women of BSMS

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) aspires to be a great place to work and study for all. We believe it is important to celebrate the diversity of the inspirational women who work here. Tom Wichelow, a local photographer with a long association with the medical school, has produced a series of portraits of women at various stages of their academic and research careers within the school. We hope that by creating this book and displaying these photos in our buildings, we will help to raise the profile of women at BSMS and inspire existing and future students and staff to see that they too have a place here.

View the Photobook >