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What our Global Pharmacy students say - scholarships

What our Global Pharmacy students say - scholarships

BSMS > Postgraduate > What our Global Pharmacy students say on scholarships

 How our Global Pharmacy students benefitted from scholarships

Tash Cornwell Headshot

Tash Cornwell 

"I was awarded the University of Sussex Chancellors Masters Scholarship to study the Global Pharmacy MSc following my application on the scholarship website. This meant I was able to choose an overseas research project, where I hope to collect data in Zambia, as I now have the means to fund it. This is such a fantastic award as it means so much to me to have the opportunity to experience pharmacy on a truly global scale."

Noella Jessica Manirakiza Headshot

Noella Jessica Manirakiza 

"I was awarded the BSMS scholarship to study the Global Pharmacy MSc programme in 2018-2019. Having seen how inaccessible and expensive medications are in my region of East Africa, I developed an interest to understanding and providing solutions to the challenges that pharmacy faces when it comes to the lack of access to medicines.

The opportunity to study this masters has allowed me to enhance my knowledge in how pharmacy can impact global health and find inspiration from the multidisciplinary experts at BSMS, the University of Brighton, University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies and beyond. 

When applying for this scholarship, I demonstrated how my background experience was relevant and how the modules covered in this degree will give me valuable insight that can be applied to my future career in global pharmacy."