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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Brighton and Sussex CTU Contacts


Kevin Davies

Prof Kevin Davies
Interim Director

Prof Kevin Davies has been Foundation Professor of Medicine at BSMS since 2002 and was Director of Research from 2008 to 2014. He is also Honorary Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust (BSUHT), Associate Medical Director and Head of Research and Development at BSUHT, Associate International Director (Europe) at the Royal College of Physicians, and the Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRN Division 5 Clinical Lead.

Kevin was formerly Senior Lecturer and Reader in Rheumatology at the Imperial College School of Medicine and Clinical Director of Medicine at Hammersmith Hospital.

At BSMS, Kevin leads the undergraduate clinical teaching programme in medicine and helped to set up the new school in 2002. His research interests are in auto-immune disease and rheumatology, both in immunopathogenesis and in clinical aspects. Clinically he practises rheumatology (specialising in SLE), and is actively involved in several clinical trials in inflammatory rheumatic diseases, particularly lupus. • 01273 877890

Chris Kingswood

Dr Chris Kingswood, MBBS, MSc, FRCP

Dr Chris Kingswood is a UK renal physician in nephrology, at the Sussex Kidney Unit, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust, and a visiting consultant, St. George’s Hospital. He has wide experience in all aspects clinical nephrology and was consultant manager of Sussex Kidney unit then clinical director of specialised services at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust.

He stepped down from clinical management to concentrate on research with an emphasis on genetic renal disease.  

Dr Kingswood’s experience and interest in the tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) led him to set up the National Registry of Renal Complications in TSC to research into the natural history and treatment of TSC. He is chief UK investigator for the Exist-2 & TOSCA studies. He also helped set up the multidisciplinary Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at St George's Hospital. Since 2014 he has worked 50% of the time as in clinical medicine and 50% in research.

Nicky Perry

Nicky Perry MSc, RN
CTU Operational Manager

Nicky Perry is responsible for the business and day-to-day running of CTU and the management of the CTU team, advising on grant applications and assisting with trial management and quality assurance for CTU-run studies. • 01273 641469

Gemma Earl

Gemma Earl, BSc(Hons)
Quality Assurance Manager/Senior Trial Manager

Gemma Earl is responsible for assisting in the development and overseeing the management of a wide range of randomised controlled trials and other well-designed research. Gemma also oversees quality assurance for the CTU. • 01273 696955 x 7484 (Wed) or 01273643227 (Tues/Thurs)

Justine Boles web

Justine Boles MSc, BSc(Hons)
Senior Trials Manager/Quality Assurance

Justine Boles is responsible for assisting in the development and overseeing of the management of a wide range of randomised controlled trials and other well-designed research. She leads a team of trial managers who ensure trials are coordinated effectively, conducted to the required standards and recruit to time and target. Justine also oversees quality assurance for the CTU. • 01273 641674 (Mon-Wed) / 696955 ext 7484 (Thurs-Fri)

Debbie Lambert web

Debbie Lambert PGDip, BSc(Hons)
CTU Data Manager

Debbie Lambert provides overall data management support, creating trial databases and managing the quality and security of the data. • 01273 641675

Stephen Bremner web

Dr Stephen Bremner, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics

Stephen Bremner is responsible for the oversight and quality assurance of statistics, from study design considerations through to data analysis and report. • 01273 644126

david_crook web

David Crook PhD
Research Methodologist

David Crook is an experienced clinical researcher who works with prospective CTU clients to help design their studies and assist with ethics and governance procedures, as he liaises with statisticians and other CTU staff. • 01273 696955 (ext 3467)

Chris Jones (2)cropped web

Dr Chris Jones BSc(Hons) PhD
Research Fellow in Medical Statistics
Chris Jones has a background in laboratory research and can assist with the statistical design, analysis and reporting of studies involving both laboratory and clinical aspects. • 01273 644587


Natasha Iles

Natasha Iles MBiochem, PhD
Clinical Trial Manager

Natasha Iles’s role is to set up and support clinical trials within the CTU. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of trials, ensuring adherence to trial protocol, regulatory and administrative requirements. • 01273 641446