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Brighton and Sussex Pain Network

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Brighton and Sussex Pain Network

The main aim of the Brighton and Sussex Pain Network is to bring together basic scientists and clinicians within the south who have an interest in fighting pain. This includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, allied health professionals and laboratory scientists.

The individual aims are:

  1. To initiate research collaborations between basic scientists and clinicians with a common interest in pain processing
  2. To educate clinicians, scientists and students on the science and treatment of pain
  3. To engage the general public through the use of this website and other media outlets of the research being carried out within the south
  4. Formulate research proposals that are relevant to the patient population and local support groups
  5. To develop links with other appropriate networks

If you are a researcher, clinician or student and would like to become part of the Brighton and Sussex Pain Network, please contact

Current research

Research carried out by the Brighton and Sussex Pain Network aims to better understand the mechanisms of transmission and modulation of pain in both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Research interests include:

  • Determining how drugs such as morphine act on central pain pathway
  • Improving our understanding, as well as diagnosis and treatment, of diffuse chronic pain conditions
  • Exploring the basic physiology of nociceptive neurons

Conditions currently being investigated are non-specific arm pain (also known as repetitive strain injury), whiplash associated disorder, lower back pain, complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia.

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Members of the Brighton and Sussex Pain Network include Dr Andrew Dilley, Dr Ricardo Governo, Dr Peter Bauer, Dr Wendy Caddye and Dr Emma Chojnowska, among others.

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Members are actively involved in undergraduate teaching, educating future doctors and basic scientists on acute and chronic pain.

Sessions include lectures as well as practical classes that examine aspects of sensory testing, pain assessment, cadaveric dissection, ultrasound and MRI imaging. Undergraduate students frequently undertake research projects within our laboratories as part of their studies. Postgraduate students are actively involved in neuroscience research both at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the University of Sussex. We currently have several PhD students conducting laboratory research in the pain field.

Our members frequently run courses for postgraduate students as well as clinicians that cover neuroanatomy, cadaveric dissection and ultrasound imaging. We are keen to engage the general public in our activities. As well as our involvement in the Brighton Science Festival, some of our members are actively engaged in patient groups, and regularly present their research at local and national patient events and support group meetings (for example, RSI Action, fibromyalgia UK).

If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact

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Patient information

It is only through people volunteering to take part in research studies that allow us scientists and doctors to carry out research into pain and make discoveries that improves patient treatment.

If you wish to get involved in any of the current projects, please contact We are currently seeking volunteers for the following studies: