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Ethics in performance

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Ethics in performance

Brighton has a reputation as one of the most cultural cities in Europe. It is a centre for the arts, offering an extraordinary range of galleries, museums, film, comedy and theatre and a world-class annual festival.

The two universities have significant interests in literature, film, art and oral history and in engaging with the wider community through such initiatives as The Sussex Salon Series and First Fictions – events at which Prof Bobbie Farsides and the late Dr Sue Eckstein participated as key speakers.

As members of the local community, BSMS students grow to expect a high standard of arts engagement in their time here, so it seems entirely appropriate for the ethics team to engage proactively with a humanities-based approach in their teaching and research.

Students are encouraged from a very early stage to value the resources with which the humanities provide them in developing skills and sensitivities. The ethics team hosts a regular calendar of public events in collaboration with a variety of artists throughout the year as part of Ethics in Performance.

2014/15 series

  • Zelal 
  • In conversation with Tim Andrews 
  • Telling the story of Parkinson's Disease: can comics help? 
  • 'I've not been well': publicly sharing your medical history

2013/14 series

  • 'Villa 69' film screening with Q&A  
  • Voices From Behind The Fence: Tony Gammidge  
  • A Graceful Death: Paintings from the end of life

2012/13 series

  • Challenging the way we look at things 
  • Over The Hill: A Photographic Journey 
  • A Transgender Journey: Juliet Jacques
  • The BuSSy Monologues
  • On Mentioning the Menopause: Uniting Poetry and Medicine

2011/12 series

  • Self-portrait without Breasts
  • Dementia Diaries
  • The Tuesday Group
  • Brain Injury and Decision Making
  • Asmaa
  • Graphic Medicine at Work
  • The Modern Heart and Narratives of Transplant Surgery