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With an ageing population, it’s more important than ever that society is well prepared to meet the health needs of this population group.

Along with the patient-focused and innovative Centre for Dementia Studies, at BSMS we are working on a range of health research areas related to later life.

Our research may lead to changes in the way doctors manage hypertension and stroke. We are investigating the ageing process of arteries, and the relationship between this process and hypertension, as well as developing ways to modify this parameter.


Our other main research area focuses on elderly care. As part of a large multi-centre trial, we are conducting a major research programme into the prevention of the bacterial infection C Difficile through use of probiotics.

As Brighton has a large elderly HIV population, we are investigating frailty in older patients with HIV, and are working alongside the HIV team developing NHS services to meet the needs of an ageing population with HIV.


The department has an interest in cognitive function and depression and collaborates with the School of Psychology, University of Sussex, and the Department of Pharmacology, University of Brighton, along with the Centre for Dementia Studies at BSMS.

We are also actively involved in research collaborations with centres in Zambia, Malaysia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and New Zealand.

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Key staff

This research area is headed by Professor Rajkumar, the Charles Hunnisett Foundation Chair in Elderly Care and Stroke Medicine. He is supported by two senior lecturers, Dr Juliet Wright and Dr Khalid Ali.