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brain landscape
Brighton & Sussex Medical School



Selected publications

Discrepancies between dimensions of interoception in Autism: Implications for emotion and anxiety. Garfinkel SN, Tilly C, O’Keeffe S, Harrison NA, Seth AK, Critchley HD. Biological Psychology 2016 114:117-26.

Threat and the body: how the heart supports fear processing. Garfinkel SN, Critchley HD. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2016 20:34-46.

Knowing your own heart: Distinguishing interoceptive accuracy from interoceptive awareness. Garfinkel SN, Seth AK, Barrett AB, Suzuki K Critchley HD Biological Psychology 2015; 104:65-74.

Visceral influences on brain and behavior. Critchley HD Harrison NA. Neuron 2013 77:624-38.

Conjoint activity of anterior insular and anterior cingulate cortex: Awareness and response. Medford N. Critchley HD Brain Structure and Function 2010 214:535-49.

Inflammation causes mood change through alterations in subgenual cingulate activity and mesolimbic connectivity. Harrison NA, Brydon L, Walker C, Gray MA, Steptoe A, Critchley HD. Biol.  Psychiatry 2009 66:407-14.

A common role of insula in feelings, empathy and uncertainty Singer T, Critchley HD, Preuschoff K.Trends in Cognitive Sciences  (TICS) 2009 13:334-40.

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