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Group photo of all of the staff on the dementia team
Brighton & Sussex Medical School



The Time for Dementia team have had their work published in several different health care journals. New papers will be listed here as they are published.

Publications list  

A qualitative evaluation of the effect of a longitudinal dementia education programme on healthcare student knowledge and attitudes” - Stephanie Daley, Yvonne Feeney, Wendy Grosvenor, Molly Hebditch, Leila Morley, Gillian Sleater, Juliet Wright, Sube Banerjee. Read more at

Banerjee S, Farina N, Daley S, Grosvenor W, Hughes L, Hebditch M, Mackrell S, Niforooshan R, Wyatt C, de Vries K, Haq I, Wright J, 2017, How do we enhance undergraduate healthcare education in dementia? A review of the role of innovative approaches and development of the Time for Dementia programme, International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 32, 68-75.

Cashin Z, Daley S, Hebditch M, Hughes L, Banerjee, S, 2018, Involving people with dementia and their carers in dementia education for undergraduate healthcare professionals: a qualitative study of motivation to participate and experience, International Psychogeriatrics, in press. 

Grovesnor W, Hebditch M, Daley S, Vyvyan E, Banerjee S, 2017, Time for Dementia: an innovation in education, Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol 9, No 11. 

Bickford, B., Daley, S., Sleater, G., Hebditch, M., Banerjee, S., 2019. Understanding compassion for people with dementia in medical and nursing students. BMC Med. Educ. 19.