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Patient inside an MRI scanner with their hands behind their head
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Research seminars

Research seminars

Academic meetings

The Cognitive Neuroscience & Imaging Meeting is held weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm in the Meeting House on the Famer campus. The invitation to this meeting is sent out via the CISC Forum (see below for how to join the mailing list).

The main focus of these meetings is to provide a forum for researchers to present scanning projects (primarily fMRI projects, though other projects such as PET studies can be presented) for the purposes of receiving detailed academic feedback. These projects may either be at the proposal stage or in progress, in which case the researchers might present their data for discussion. In addition, the CNI meeting also hosts external speakers. 

All researchers intending to undertake an fMRI imaging project at CISC are required to attend a Tuesday meeting to present their proposal as soon as possible, so they can receive academic input to help them in fine-tuning their ideas and experimental paradigms. To book a place, and to join the CISC Forum mailing list please contact the organiser, Dominika Varga –

Please contact Pat Butler,, for the project application paperwork.  

The application form can also be found on the our Information for Researchers page here and on the CISC Wiki.

Methods meetings

These meetings are a forum for sharing local expertise across research teams conducting neuroimaging research at Sussex.

The methods sessions alternate every other week with the CISC Forum meetings. In each session, a different speaker covers a methodological topic of general interest, spanning from MRI physics to post-processing techniques and statistics. For the most up-to-date methods meeting schedule, contact the organiser Dr Charlotte Rae at