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FAQs Fees and funding

Find out more information about our fees and funding by selecting a frequently asked question from the list below.

Please note the following financial FAQs are for 2020 entry and should only be seen as a guide.

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What financial support is available to international students?

See international fees and fUNDING  >

What about students with a previous degree?

If you are a UK student and already have a degree you may find funding difficult for the BM BS degrees as you will not have access to a Tuition Fee Loan. Tuition fees must be paid in full by you or a sponsor. You will, however, be eligible to apply for a non-means tested Maintenance Loan throughout the first four years of the degree. You may be eligible for financial support from the University of Sussex, and from your fifth year of study you may be eligible for an NHS Bursary to cover tuition fees and maintenance costs.

What NHS bursary am I entitled to?

Gaining admission to the standard five-year course means you are entitled to receive student loans from Student Finance England for maintenance and tuition fees in the first four years.

From the fifth year of study onwards, tuition fees are currently paid by the NHS Student Bursary Scheme and you may be eligible to apply for a means-tested NHS Bursary to cover maintenance costs and a reduced maintenance loan from Student Finance England (equivalent to approximately half the full rate).

The arrangements for medical students with a previous degree are different. In the first four years of the course, graduate students are not eligible to receive a loan for tuition fees, however they may apply for a means-tested Maintenance Loan. From the fifth year of study, graduate medical students receive the same support as undergraduate medical students (see above).

For more information, see the NHS careers website >


Am I entitled to an NHS bursary if I have already received one in the past?

You are entitled to another NHS bursary even if you have received one in the past; as long as the previous subject you studied is different from the one you are applying for now. You cannot receive an NHS bursary for studying a subject you have already studied and received a bursary for.

Am I entitled to a student loan? If so, at what level?

If you are studying for your first degree, you are entitled to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to cover your tuition fees in full, in years one to four of this degree. From year five you may be entitled to an NHS bursary and help with your fees. You may also be entitled to apply for a reduced rate of student loan, the level of which is 50% of the full entitlement for a final year student. 

What other financial advice and assistance is there?

See Fees and fUNDING >