Anatomy Laboratory

Anatomy is an integral part of the undergraduate medical course and is widely recognised as one of the selling points of the programme. Anatomy at BSMS is designed to be an exciting and varied theme within the course. There is a strong focus on multidisciplinary teaching and all aspects of anatomical teaching and learning are reinforced by functional and clinical input.

The Anatomy Laboratory is located in the Medical Teaching Building on the University of Sussex campus and was opened in 2003. The facility includes a fully equipped state-of-the-art anatomy dissecting room. Although the focus of the Laboratory's use is the undergraduate medical curriculum, where dissection is the corner stone of anatomical teaching, we also help to deliver anatomy teaching as part of a number of other undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as professional training programmes.

The Anatomy Laboratory is licensed under The Human Tissue Act 2004, regulated by the Human Tissue Authority. The licence holder is the Registrar of the University of Sussex and the day-to-day responsibilities for the licence reside with the 'Designated Individual' (DI).


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