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Alumni in Focus - Dr Conor Kenny

Dr Conor Kenny (BM BS 2013)

Conor Kenny

Conor graduated from BSMS in 2013. Since qualifying he has spent time working with Doctors Without Borders (DWB) and is currently training as a GP in East London.

Conor tells us about his favourite memories from BSMS and what has inspired him throughout his medical career. 

Where are you now? 
I am halfway into GP training in East London.

What has been your proudest moment?
Being asked to advocate on behalf of our patients at the United Nations Human Rights Council. This was particularly important after the Search and Rescue (SAR) mission as 12 people were lost to the bottom of the Mediterranean every single day, meaning their voices were not heard.   

What are your favourite memories of BSMS?
Too many to mention – from passing third year to playing for the ‘invincibles’ BSMS football team. Ultimately, it was the people around me, my classmates, who made my experience and I was lucky in that regard. 

Where have you been as a result of your work with Doctors Without Borders?
I have worked with DWB in various contexts over a two year period starting with refugee health in Idomeni in Macedonia, Greece to more recently working in SAR in the central Mediterranean.


Can you tell us more about your work with DWB?
Every context and population is different and therefore the health needs vary greatly. My role evolves from being a field doctor delivering primary care to team leader ensuring DWB protocols are implemented well. I also design and implement mass casualty plans design / deliver simulation/ teaching sessions to staff. When not doing medicine, I also have a role in administration ensuring we have appropriate stock supplies. Missions are quite intense with very little time off.

What or who has inspired you most in life?
No one individual but instead I feel you can be inspired by everyone you meet. I most of all appreciate people with character, conviction, openness and a willingness to work hard regardless of background/profession.


What brought you to study in Brighton? 
On my first time in the city I could really feel that the culture of openness which for me was a massive draw. I had a number of friends who studied at BSMS and highly recommended it. I am glad I took their advice.  


What is the skill that you would most like to have?
To speak more languages, 90% of the diagnosis is in the history...which too often gets lost in translation. 

Where would you like your career to take you?
A role which reduces inequalities and improves (makes more efficient and effective) ways in which we deliver healthcare. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
The most important aspect of communication is hearing what isn't said.

What do you feel has been the biggest benefit from studying at BSMS?
The culture. The people. The class size makes it easier to bond and provides students with more personalised input.  In my experience as a Senior House Officer looking after FY1s, I genuinely feel BSMS graduates are much better prepared for life in the workplace.  


Describe BSMS in three words:
Compassion, communication, Casablanca!