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Research integrated

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Research integrated

How you learn

Research is built seamlessly into your studies at BSMS. Our research-active tutors will introduce you to the latest concepts and learning as you work through the curriculum.

You also have the opportunity to carry out your own research project in the fourth year, contribute to studies and be published before graduating. 

Your own projects

You can get involved in research projects as early as Year 1, through a student selected component (SSC), and many students get the chance to focus on more research in their longer SSCs in Year 3.

In Year 4, you will be working on an individual, in-depth research study one and a half days a week (IRP). Your challenge will be to develop an original hypothesis, design a methodology for your project, get ethical approval if necessary, carry out the research and analyse the data.

It is also possible to continue your research at BSMS through postgraduate study.

Trisha Hughes

Research in action

Four BSMS students discuss their own research interests, which they explored through their Individual Research Projects (IRPs) in Year 4.

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