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Brighton & Sussex Medical School



At BSMS we’re inspired about research and we want our students to be too.

That’s why we’re working closely with the INSPIRE programme on a number of activities that get our undergraduate students immersed in the world of research. INSPIRE is coordinated by the Academy of Medical Sciences and supported by the Wellcome Trust.



The INSPIRE programme aims to: 

  • Encourage students to get involved with research during their undergraduate study
  • Promote collaborative research between members of faculty and students, and between medical schools and other local/national organisations
  • Develop and strengthen student research networks to share experiences and resources
  • Foster a research culture in doctors entering the NHS

How we do this

Research is seamlessly built into the BSMS curriculum. Student selected components (SSCs) in years 1 and 3 provide the chance to get involved in research at an early stage, while all students conduct an individual research project (IRP) in year 4. This involves collaborative research with a member(s) of faculty to develop a hypothesis, design methodology, data collection and analysis, and a written report. 

INSPIRE activities at BSMS

  • Encouraging medical students to gain experience and understanding of research
  • Facilitating collaborative research between students and the faculty
  • Changes in core curriculum (research methods teaching in the academic skills programme)
  • Research focused Student Selected Components (SSCs)
  • Research Clinics to discuss ideas/questions and study design/methods (please contact Prof Anjum Memon).
  • BSMS Research Society (please contact Shreya Badhrinarayanan).
  • Financial support for conference presentation and attendance (a maximum of £200 per student will be paid upon submission of proof of expenses, ie: receipts) (please contact Naomi Lukianczuk for the criteria and an application form).
  • Showcasing student research outputs (please send electronic copy of conference poster/published paper to Naomi Lukianczuk).
  • Networking and taster events (please contact Shreya Badhrinarayanan and Michelle Riska).
  • Academic seminars.
  • Participation in National Students Association of Medical Research (NSAMR) and INSPIRE conferences
  • INSPIRE prize for outstanding IRP in Lab-based / Clinic-based / Community-based topic (Year-4 IRP Conference)

The INSPIRE initiative website contains further information about the programme, which involves all UK medical, dental and veterinary schools.