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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Why choose BSMS?

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Why choose BSMS?

At BSMS, we combine proven, traditional methods with the latest innovations in teaching and research.

BSMS offers a distinctive and innovative course that prepares its graduates to enter an ever-changing and developing world of healthcare.

On our course, you'll have early clinical contact with patients and carers, and interactions with health professionals in the hospital and community settings. This helps you build crucial interpersonal, teamworking and communication skills. And you'll develop the essential knowledge underpinning clinical practice in medicine. Anatomy is taught by full cadaveric dissection, allowing you to turn theory into reality. 

As a graduate, you'll be well prepared to enter the ever-changing and developing world of healthcare – you'll be ready to make your mark locally, nationally and internationally.

A student tests reflexes on another, watched by a teacher

Skills to be a doctor

To be a successful doctor, it is essential that you are a skilled communicator who relates well to patients and colleagues, in a wide range of situations.

At BSMS, you learn all of the science and practical skills you need to be a highly professional and accomplished doctor. However, we also excel at helping you to develop the personal skills and attributes that make you an effective, person-centred medical professional.

You’ll discover that everything we do here is patient centred. We are committed to instilling a strong sense of professionalism in our graduates, both in relation to their patients and their peers. With our support and guidance you can become the doctor you need to be.

Innovative teaching and learning

We are a dynamic and vibrant school committed to new and innovative approaches to medical education. 

Our purpose-built, modern facilities include anatomy and clinical science laboratories, simulated consultation rooms, multiple libraries and lecture theatres. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers will provide you with on-going feedback, continuously supporting you and ensuring that you develop to the very best of your abilities. A range of IT and mobile learning resources will support you on the go, from e-portfolios to smartphone apps. 


A student inserts a cannula into a patient's arm, watched on by another student

Early clinical experience

We introduce you to hands-on, clinical experience from the earliest stages of your degree - usually within days of you starting the course. 

Our integrated approach allows you to put your learning into practice and gain essential clinical skills from the start. For example, in a typical week you may take part in a dissection and imaging session to explore the heart, followed by a clinical skills class that introduces you to heart sounds using a stethoscope. In most cases you would then go to a clinical setting, such as a cardiac ward, to see what you’ve learned in action.

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General practice

General practice teaching is a key part of our curriculum.

It provides an opportunity to place clinical problems in the wider context of the patient's social, emotional, psychological background and belief system, and introduces students to the wide variety of symptoms with which patients may present. General practice teaching provides our students with a wide range of opportunities for learning, including practising communication and clinical skills under close supervision.

Students are introduced to general practice as a specialty in its own right. Learning outcomes include managing clinical uncertainty, safe prescribing, chronic disease care and undertaking a person-centred, holistic approach to patient care. During regular visits to a general practice surgery, students learn history taking and clinical examination in practice. In order to develop competence in clinical general practice and to promote confidence in communication with patients these placements culminate in 'student-led surgeries'.

BSMS also has an active student GP society with a membership across all five years.

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Anatomy and imaging

A clear understanding of anatomy is the cornerstone of good medical practice. At BSMS we are passionate about turning anatomical theory into practice, to give you a real understanding of the human body in health and disease.

Anatomy at BSMS utilises the best cadaveric dissection, meaning you start learning first-hand about the human anatomy right from your second week in Year one. You go far beyond standard prosections and become the first to discover the medical story of a body. Our approach is fully interactive so that you learn from a clinical, hands-on point of view.


Imaging will be a key feature of the future of medicine, whatever form of practice you choose. At BSMS, we take an integrated approach by combining anatomical dissection and related pathology with imaging techniques. You will frequently use ultrasound machines to explore the anatomy related to clinical practice and become proficient at this key clinical imaging modality.

BSMS is leading the way in understanding how students learn and we apply this theory to your teaching sessions to develop sessions and many opportunities that support you to achieve a deep understanding of the human body, its natural variation and in health and disease ready for real life practice.

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Female student with a tool to examine eyes

Supportive environment

Studying medicine is not for the faint hearted. Our standards are high and our teaching is rigorous, however we are a friendly school with a strong support network to back you up.

Over the years, you will work with your tutors in many expert guises: as teachers, researchers and practitioners. This gives you a sense of consistency and the chance to get to know each other properly. We believe that developing a strong working relationship makes it much easier to question and learn.

It's our policy to work in partnership with you, and to develop our approach in response to your experience and feedback. The door is always open.

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Medicine is constantly evolving as evidence is gathered and understood. To become a successful doctor, you need to be fully involved in ground-breaking research that shapes the future of our healthcare.

Our research is highly regarded and internationally recognised. All of our teachers are involved in active research and will weave the most current learning and cutting edge information into everything you see and hear. 

Students in lab smiling

Much of our research is practical and patient focused: it makes a difference to people in real life, not just in the classroom.

The result is that your learning is always alive, current and useful. Our integrated approach enables you to work alongside our researchers and teachers to deliver the most effective, innovative medicine.

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