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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Outreach activity and resources for all 

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Outreach activity and resources for all

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Open lectures

We are running a series of open and interactive lectures which cover topics ranging from medical school admissions to current scientific research. These lectures are aimed at secondary and college students. Lectures will generally take place on the first Wednesday of the month.

Dates for 2020 are:

Wednesday 4 March – A day in the life of a medical student. Book here >

Wednesday 1 April – BSMS Admissions & Outreach Team, Getting in to Medicine 

Wednesday 6 May – Dr Thomas Mount, Working in an Operating Theatre 

Wednesday 10 June – Dr Caroline Ackley, Anthropology of the Body 

Wednesday 1 July – Dr Lottie Mount, A Day in the Life of a Paediatrician  

Work experience

BSMS does not place requirements on the amount or type of work experience a prospective medical student should have.

However, in line with the Medical Schools Council Work Experience Guidelines, we do expect candidates to:

  • Have a realistic understanding of medicine and what it means to be a doctor
  • Have had some experience of engaging with a wide range of people and understand the realities of a caring profession
  • Display some of the skills and attributes essential to be a successful doctor, including teamwork, leadership, good communication skills, resilience and empathy.

The Medical Schools Council sets out some useful work experience guidelines for prospective applicants to medicine, which can be downloaded below.


Virtual work experience

Our online work experience tool has now launched. Click on the link below to view more.

Virtual work experience > 


Online resources

The Medical Schools Council has produced a significant number of informative online resources, including an interview preparation tool, to support students in their applications to medical school. These resources have been produced in conjunction with admissions tutors from a number of UK medical schools, including BSMS. 

Read more >

Social media

To keep up-to-date with all our activity, you can follow us on Twitter.

For our Outreach Team follow BSMSOutreach >

For our Admissions Team follow BSMSAdmissions >