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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Outreach activity and resources for all 

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Outreach activity and resources for all

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Open lectures

We are running a series of open and interactive lectures which cover topics ranging from medical school admissions to current scientific research. These lectures are aimed at secondary and college students. Lectures will generally take place on the first Wednesday of the month.

In line with government advice around Covid-19 and public gatherings we have had to temporarily suspend the open lectures. We are now working to deliver these virtually, and will be updating this page with information and further details once dates for the lectures have been confirmed. In the meantime, you can watch our previous lecture recordings via the BSMS Facebook page below. 

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Work experience

BSMS does not place requirements on the amount or type of work experience a prospective medical student should have.

However, in line with the Medical Schools Council Work Experience Guidelines, we do expect candidates to:

  • Have a realistic understanding of medicine and what it means to be a doctor
  • Have had some experience of engaging with a wide range of people and understand the realities of a caring profession
  • Display some of the skills and attributes essential to be a successful doctor, including teamwork, leadership, good communication skills, resilience and empathy.

The Medical Schools Council sets out some useful work experience guidelines for prospective applicants to medicine, which can be downloaded below.


Virtual work experience

This course provides a 'virtual' work experience for those looking to apply to medical school. You will be introduced to the NHS before exploring the roles and skill sets of six different medical specialists. Along the way, you will also consider some of the challenges and wider issues doctors face. 

Click on the link below to view more.

Find out about virtual work experience > 

What some of our participants have said:

“The programme unlocked an experience which I may never have had due to my ongoing caring responsibilities and the restriction this has on my ability to participate in such programmes”

“I have done a lot of work experience but sometimes not had a real clue what doctors were doing or why: I think that this really explained everything from small detail to large very clearly so I could understand well”

“I loved how varied and interactive the course was. I really liked how simply everything was explained. Great job!”

“Thank you for creating a useful online resource that aspiring medical students can use, especially in a situation like this, where many students are feeling helpless. It has been a great opportunity for me to take part in and talk about in the future.”

“I would recommend the virtual work experience to future students as a precursor to work experience in the real world, and have recommended it to my fellow students at this point in time where all of our work experience opportunities have been removed.” 

What participants have learnt:

Below are just a few examples of reflections users have made after completing the course. These include poems, a comic and a mindmap.

Download examples and reflections here >


Medical Marvels

This short introductory session (aimed at those in Years 7-9, but open to all), looks at various “superpowers” that appear in real life through nature and technology. It also introduces the different specialties that doctors can enter after medical school and the specialist skills they need to do those jobs!

After watching the 10-minute video, you will have the chance to design your own Medical Marvel in the form of a "top-trump" style card. You'll then have the opportunity to enter it into the Medical Marvel Showdown, where the ultimate super-doctor will be crowned! 

The Medical Marvel Showdown

On Monday 13 July, we will randomly select 16 cards to battle in the final Showdown. These will be announced on our twitter page (@BSMSOutreach) and the creators will be informed via the email address provided in the entry form (see below). 

The Showdown will take place on Friday 17 July at 4pm. Finalists will not need to attend in any way, we will simply be posting a video of the "battle" on Twitter and subsequently here on the website. The creator of the Medical Marvel champion will be emailed with a certificate! 

To get started: 

  • Watch the video here
  • Explore the different specialties on the NHS Health Careers Website here, to help you decide which specialty you are going to choose for your Medical Marvel.
  • View the Medical Marvel template and design your “super-doctor”. You can either download the template and fill it in on a device or print it out or draw your own copy!

Download the template here >

  • To submit your Medical Marvel, please complete the entry form here. Once you have completed the form, you will need to upload your Medical Marvel through Padlet, which can be accessed here. Having loaded Padlet, click the plus symbol in the bottom right hand corner, use the name of your Medical Marvel as the title and upload your top-trump style card. There is a step-by-step guide to uploading here.
    • For your Medical Marvel to stand a chance of being crowned champion, please complete the entry form and submit your "card" via the links above by 3pm on Sunday 12 July.
    • Please remember, when designing your super-doctor, you only have 40 points to allocate across the six skills, but you can only allocate a maximum of 10 points to each skill. Be sure to think of a creative name and draw us a picture! 

If you have questions or difficulties accessing the resources, please do email us via


Online resources

The Medical Schools Council (MSC) has produced a significant number of informative online resources, including an interview preparation tool, to support students in their applications to medical school. These resources have been produced in conjunction with admissions tutors from a number of UK medical schools, including BSMS. 

Find out about MSC resources >

Social media

To keep up-to-date with all our activity, you can follow us on Twitter.

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