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A researchers in a green lab coat looks through a white microscope in a laboratory at BSMS
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Research at BSMS

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At BSMS our medical research has developed a strong reputation for making a real impact locally, nationally and internationally.

Ultimately, our research aims to:

  • improve medical treatment
  • answer fundamental biomedical and clinical questions
  • deliver more personalised healthcare to patients.

We are a diverse, collaborative research community with expertise in a wide variety of research areas, from laboratory research through to social science and clinical studies. Close integration with the local NHS allows researchers to work directly with the local population, improving their health while developing research work that can be applied nationally and globally.  

We are passionate about training and supporting our researchers at all levels, to deliver research that is relevant to our stakeholders, accelerate its recognition and foster adoption of our findings to catalyse new research impact.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

A close up of a petri dish with a purple liquid inside it

Clinical & experimental medicine

Our research comprises bioethics, cancer, paediatrics, geriatric, RNA biology and sustainable healthcare.

A Black person washing their feet in a blue bowl with their hands

Global Health & Infection

BSMS has a vibrant global health research programme with academic links around the world.


Medical Education

Our Department of Medical Education are involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning.

computer scans of organs


Our groundbreaking neuroscience research explores the function of the nervous system in both health and disease.

Female student practises taking blood pressure on male student, watched by GP

Primary Care & Public Health

The Department of Primary Care and Public Health covers epidemiology, general practice, informatics, psychology and more.

a person laying down in a pet scanner machine

Impact case studies

BSMS researchers are tackling health care challenges for the benefit of populations locally, nationally and internationally.


Support & Governance

The BSMS research team offers support from specialised technical assistance to the fine details of making funding applications.

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Knowledge exchange

We define Knowledge Exchange as a flow of skills and information between BSMS, our partner institutions and beyond.

A man smiling wearing a green lab coat in front of a microscope

Early career researchers

Find out more about the research and opportunities for Early Career Researchers at BSMS.

Networks and facilities

Our research networks at BSMS enhance our research by providing a focus for emerging and well-established research strengths.

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Our research events

Find out about our research events at BSMS, which include conferences, workshops, invited talks and seminars.

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The breadth and depth of research at BSMS is illustrated by our recent publications in all departments.

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Search for staff

Search for a member of staff on our dedicated A-Z staff page.

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Latest research news

In a ground-breaking, year-long pilot programme, vending machines dispensing self-test kits for STIs have proven to be an effective means for testing.