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The breadth and depth of research at BSMS is illustrated by our recent publications.

The majority of these outputs are available to view as Open Access in full text. We equally value all colleagues who contribute to outputs including first/corresponding author(s) and all the others for their significant input. The full range of publications, for each of our BSMS staff, can be accessed through their Elements profiles. Please select the member of staff from our staff pages.

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Our collaborative networks where we have published 50+ papers together is shown in the graphic below. Line thickness = number of co-authored publications. Graphic prepared by Dr Simon Mitchell. Source: SciVal

A graphic showing the collaborations between BSMS and other institutions - this is shown through arrows and links between institutions which are in different colours and written in black font.

Clinical and Experimental Medicine

A montage image showing somnath mukhopadyay and andrea pepper, the heads of the clinical and experimental department

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Department of Medical Education


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Global Health and Infection

A group of people in two rows sat outside a hotel on a sunny day in Rwanda

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Primary Care and Public Health

A group of people sat on or around a sofa in front of a wallpapered background smiling at the camera

  • Pantelic M, Coombes Z, Barnard P, Hartshorn J, Caswell G, Sharma A, Whitbread J,  Nyikavaranda P, Llewellyn C (2023). ‘HIV has taught us that you can survive anything’: Findings from authoethnographic video diaries exploring resilience among people living with HIV during Covid-19 in five countries. AIDS Care
  • Berry, C., Hodgekins, J., French, P., Clarke, T., Shepstone, L., Barton, G., . . . , Fowler, D. (2022). Clinical and cost-effectiveness of social recovery therapy for the prevention and treatment of long-term social disability among young people with emerging severe mental illness (PRODIGY): randomised controlled trial. B J Psych 220(3) 154-162 DOI:
  • Cooper, M., Heath, J., Fernandes, C., Sornalingam, S., Jegatheesan, M. (2023). Teaching primary care theory to promote general practice among medical students. InnovAiT, 16(5)
  • Cross, H., Bremner, S., Meads, C., Pollard, A., Llewellyn, C. (2023). Bisexual people experience worse health outcomes in England: Evidence from a cross-sectional survey in primary care.  Journal of Sex Research  http://doi 10.1080/00224499.2023.2220680
  • Ford, E., Tyler, R., Johnston, N., Spencer-Hughes, V., Evans, G., Elsom, J., . . ., Rees-Roberts, M. (2023). Challenges Encountered and Lessons Learned when Using a Novel Anonymised Linked Dataset of Health and Social Care Records for Public Health Intelligence: The Sussex Integrated Dataset. Information 14, 106.
  • Gillard, S., Bremner, S., Patel, A., Goldsmith, L., Marks, J., Foster, R., . . . Priebe, S. (2022). Peer support for discharge from inpatient mental health care versus care as usual in England (ENRICH): a parallel, two-group, individually randomised controlled trial. The Lancet Psychiatry, 9(2), 125-136. doi:10.1016/S2215-0366(21)00398-9
  • Harding, R., Jones, C.I., Bremner, S., Bristowe, K., West, B., Siegert, R.J., . . . , EMERGE Consortium, Horizon 2020 (2022). Positive Outcomes: Validity, reliability and responsiveness or a novel person-centred outcome measure for people with HIV. HIV Medicine, 23:673-683 DOI: 10.1111/hiv.13224 
  • Partridge, S., Quadt, L., Bolton, M., Eccles, J., Thompson, C., Colasanti, A., . . . Van Marwijk H. (2023). A systematic literature review on the clinical efficacy of low dose naltrexone and its effect on putative pathophysiological mechanisms among patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Heliyon  19;9(5):e15638. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e15638.
  • Memon, A., Bannister, P., Rogers, I., Sundin, J., Al-Ayadhy, B., . . . , McNally, R.J.Q. (2021). Changing epidemiology and age-specific incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in England: An analysis of the national cancer registration data  by age, gender and anatomical site, 1981-2018. The Lancet Regional Health – Europe  
  • de Visser, R.O., Conroy, D., Davies, E.L., Cooke R. (2021). Understanding motivation to adhere to guidelines for alcohol intake, physical activity, and fruit and vegetable intake among UK university students. Health Education & Behavior, 48, 480-487. doi: 10.1177/1090198120988251

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The 12 members of the SHORE-C team pictured together in front of their sign on a brick wall

Wheelwright, S., Maunsell, R., Taylor, S., Drinkwater, N., Erridge, C., Foster, C., ... & White, S. (2023). Development of 'gastrostomy tube - is it for me?', a web-based patient decision aid for people living with motor neurone disease considering having a gastrostomy tube placed. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration, 1-9.  Published 19/07/2023

Fallowfield, L., Starkings, R., Palmieri, C., Tait, A., Stephen, L., May, S., ... & Jenkins, V. (2023). Living with metastatic breast cancer (LIMBER): experiences, quality of life, gaps in information, care and support of patients in the UK. Supportive Care in Cancer, 31(8), 459.  Published 11/07/2023

Menon, U., Gentry-Maharaj, A., Burnell, M., Ryan, A., Kalsi, J. K., Singh, N., ... & Jacobs, I. J. (2023). Mortality impact, risks, and benefits of general population screening for ovarian cancer: the UKCTOCS randomised controlled trial. Health Technology Assessment, 11, 1-81. Published 31/05/2023

Fallowfield L J, Solis-Trapala I, Starkings R, May S, Matthews L, Eccles D, Evans G, Turnbull C, Crawford G, Jenkins V Talking about Risk, UncertaintieS of Testing IN Genetics (TRUSTING): development and evaluation of an educational programme for healthcare professionals about BRCA1 & BRCA2 testing , British Journal of Cancer, Published 17 June 2022  Published 17/06/2022

Di Maio M, Basch E, Denis F, Fallowfield L J, Ganz P A, Howell D, Kowalski D, Perrone F, Stover A M, Sundaresan P, Warrington L, Zhang L, Apostolidis K, Freeman-Daily J, Ripamonti C I, Santini D, on behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Committee The role of patient-reported outcome measures in the continuum of cancer clinical care: ESMO Clinical Practice Guideline, Annals of Oncology, Published 21/04/2022

Glasspool, R., Wheelwright, S., Bolton, V., Calman, L., Cummings, A., Elledge, B., ... & Foster, C. (2022). Modifiable pre-treatment factors are associated with quality of life in women with gynaecological cancers at diagnosis and one year later: Results from the HORIZONS UK national cohort study. Gynecologic Oncology, 165(3), 610-618.  Published 26/03/2022

Fallowfield, L. J., Farewell, D., Jones, H., May, S., Catt, S., Starkings, R., & Jenkins, V. (2022). IMPARTER, Phase 1 of an intervention to improve patients' understanding of gene expression profiling tests in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 1-7.   Published  04/01/2022

Torr B, Jones C, Choi S, Allen S, Kavanaugh G, Hamill M, Garrett A, MacMahon S, Loong L, Reay A, Yuan L, Petrizan M V, Monson K, Perry N, Fallowfield L, Jenkins V, Gold R, Taylor A, Gabe R, Wiggins J, Lucassen A, Manchanda R, Gandhi A, George A, Hubank M, Kemp Z, Evans G, Bremner S, Turnbull C A digital pathway for genetic testing in UK NHS patients with cancer: BRCA-DIRECT randomised study internal pilot, Journal of Medical Genetics, Published 22 July 2022

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