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Two students observe a surgery
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General practice

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General practice

General practice teaching is a key part of our curriculum.

It provides an opportunity to place clinical problems in the wider context of the patient's social, emotional, psychological background and belief system. It introduces students to the wide variety of symptoms that patients may present with. General practice teaching provides our students with a wide range of opportunities for learning, including practising communication and clinical skills under close supervision.

Students are introduced to general practice as a specialty in its own right, and will spend around 15% of the course in general practice. Learning outcomes include managing clinical uncertainty, safe prescribing, chronic disease care, and undertaking a person-centred, holistic approach to patient care. During their visits to a general practice surgery and via simulation, students learn history taking and clinical examination in practice. In order to develop competence in clinical general practice and to promote confidence in communication with patients these placements culminate in 'student-led surgeries'.

We have GP facilitators teaching from the very first module, and exposure to family care and chronic diseases very early on in the course. Our GP teaching team are actively practicing as clinicians, alongside their teaching work. By Year 4 students spend a month in general practice with their own lists where possible. 

BSMS also has an active student GP society with a membership across all five years.

General practice isn't just one career 

There are a range of career options available in general practice. BSMS has produced a career resource booklet in which medical students interview local GPs working in a variety of ways – as GPs with a special interest or working in specialist practices working for CCGs in clinical and commissioning roles, or as portfolio GPs or career locums.

There are a range of GP interviewed, including a graphic novelist, the CCG commissioning lead, mental health and child protection leads, a GP in a practice for homeless people, several GPs who work part-time for various charities or in prehospital care and another who set up a successful GP locum agency.

Download the career resource booklet here >