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Two students observe a surgery
Brighton & Sussex Medical School


Our graduates

Select a graduate below to find out their thoughts about studying with us.

James Harley

James Harley graduated from BSMS in 2015 and is currently in his first year of foundation programme. He gives his view on what makes BSMS a special place to study medicine. 

james harley in hospital

Studying at BSMS

Studying at BSMS was exciting and invigorating. The Medical School offers an integrated and holistic approach to the teaching of medicine. It also has a real community feel – and you won’t be lost in the crowd. 

The early exposure to primary and secondary care placements from the word go is a real attraction that many students fall in love with. The first two years really give the student a concrete platform to build their clinical skills and knowledge later on moving into phase 2.

The anatomy teaching at BSMS is second to none. Dissection sessions really help you to learn your anatomy and to understand how structure and function can be affected by disease. 

Living in Brighton

Brighton has a real cosmopolitan atmosphere , and in the summer months there’s no better place to be.  My passion is to be in the sea as much as possible, surfing and swimming around the pier even during the winter months. BSMS has a range of sporting and non-sporting extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. When you start at BSMS, try something new offered by one of the many societies and see where it leads you. 

Life after BSMS

My interests lie around acute medicine and rheumatology, and I’m hoping to develop my career around these two superb specialties. 


Ben McFadden

Ben McFadden graduated from BSMS in 2010 and is now progressing in his foundation programme at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton. He gives his view of how BSMS prepared him to become a doctor.

ben mcfadden in hospital

"My experience at BSMS will be one I will never forget.

The facilities and education the course offers has prepared me for what once seemed a daunting real world. The staff, resources and academic programme have improved my confidence, knowledge and the core skills required to be one of ‘tomorrow’s doctors’."


Samuel Whittaker

Samuel Whitaker graduated in 2009. 

"The early clinical experience I got during the first and second years really prepared me for life as a junior doctor. When you are faced with a problem on the wards, you at least have an idea how you can relate the science and the anatomy to an actual problem. The anatomy teaching is very dissection-led and has inspired me to train as a surgeon."


Liam Mahoney

Liam Mahoney graduated from BSMS in 2009 and is now progressing in his foundation programme at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton. He gives his view of how BSMS prepared him to become a doctor.

liam mahoney in hospital

"BSMS has given the best preparation possible for my first years as a doctor.

The innovative course taught by the enthusiastic faculty has given me the best opportunity to develop my clinical skills, knowledge and empathy to face the challenges of hospital medicine."


Aoife Canavan

Aoife graduated in 2008, Specialty Registrar Anaesthetics, Royal Sussex County Hospital.

"Everyone is focused on you and making sure you get the best out of your education and your experience. They want to make sure that you are going to be the best doctor you can be, whether that is support academically or clinically, or in terms of personal and pastoral care, the set up there is really excellent to help you on your way. It is also a very exciting place to learn medicine – and happy students are more likely to become happy doctors."