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Student and member of the student advice team sitting opposite each other having a conversation
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BSMS Student Advice

Student Advice will listen to your concerns, talk through your options and may direct you to specialist services across the wider universities as well as to support available locally. You can talk through anything affecting your ability to thrive on your course, including:

  • health, wellbeing and self-care
  • anxiety and stress-related issues
  • BSMS and university processes (including Additional Considerations)
  • motivation, procrastination and time-management
  • isolation, loneliness and homesickness
  • difficulties with your course - guidance on intermission and withdrawal
  • discrimination, bullying and harassment - reporting and support

Contact us

Please note the Student Advice team only provide support to current students at BSMS. For queries relating to admissions or student life, please contact the Admissions and Widening Participation team above.


Email the team here > 



Managing Exam Stress and Anxiety at BSMS 

Feeling stressed? Feeling anxious? Feeling like you're the only one? You're not alone, 70% of medical students experience high levels of stress and anxiety on their course. Let’s talk about it.

To coincide with national stress awareness month, BSMS Student Advice are running one interactive workshop and four peer support sessions on Managing Exam Stress and Anxiety.

These sessions are for you to help and learn from each other by talking about your experiences in a safe, facilitated discussion. All sessions will be private, confidential and supportive, we will provide drinks and snacks but please do bring your lunch or other food to the session with you. We also encourage you to bring fidget toys, small hand held hobbies and anything else that will help you to feel relaxed and open in the space.


Places are in person and limited to 20 people per workshop so prior booking is essential. Sessions are completely voluntary and limited as we want everyone to feel comfortable to participate.

Book for the phase 1 workshop here >

Book for the phase 2 workshop here >

Peer support groups

Places are in person and limited to 10 people per peer support session so prior booking is essential. Sessions are completely voluntary and limited as we want everyone to feel comfortable to participate.

Book for phase 1 peer support group here >

Book for phase 2 peer support group here >

Meet the team

Introducing the BSMS Student Advice team.


Jessica Daniels Profile Photo

   Jessica Daniels
   Student Advice Co-ordinaor


    Monday - Friday




Paul Vigg Profile Photo

   Paul Vigg
   Student Advice Co-ordinator


    Monday - Wednesday




Tabitha Ellwood Profile Photo

   Tabitha Ellwood
   Student Adviser


    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday




Tania Vaughn Profile Photo

   Tania Vaughan
   Student Adviser


    Tuesday - Friday




Helen Quin Profile Photo

   Helen Quin
   Student Adviser


    Monday - Wednesday




Jon Mason

   Jon Mason
   Student Adviser






Sarah Hobson profile image

   Sarah Hobson
   Student Adviser


    Monday - Wednesday (currently on maternity leave)




Lizzy Pennock Profile Photo

   Lizzy Pennock
   Student Adviser 


    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday




Marie Claire Maude profile photo

   Marie-Claire Maude
   Student Advice Coordinator


   Monday - Friday


Student anonymous reporting tool

BSMS is committed to challenging all forms of harassment and discrimination. We encourage students to report incidents they have experienced or witnessed.

Students can use the anonymous reporting tool below or can contact the Student Advice team to speak to a Welfare Adviser. If you are not sure which course of action to take, please consult the flowchart on the reporting webpage below. 

View the reporting tool here >


Confidentiality statement 

Everything a student discusses with a member of Student Advice will normally remain confidential within the Student Advice Team. The team (including the Director/Deputy Directors) may discuss your case in order to plan how best to assist you. In some circumstances, to facilitate support for your studies, or where there is a concern for your own health and safety or that of others (including Fitness to Practise) or because of a legal requirement, it may be necessary to speak to colleagues in the school or universities. Where this would involve sharing sensitive personal information, we would seek to discuss this with you beforehand where possible, and info will only be shared on a need-to-know basis. To help us support you now and in the future we keep a record of contacts we have had with you while providing your support, these records are held securely by the Student Advisers.