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Two student observe surgery
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Early clinical experience

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Early clinical experience

How you learn

Your clinical experience begins within the first week of your studies and continues throughout your degree. This isn’t just a token visit or two – around 20% of your learning is delivered in a special clinical practice module in Year 1. The chance to watch doctors working in GP surgeries, clinics and hospital wards shows you the relevance of what you’re learning from the start.

GP surgery Jenny

By Year 3 you spend an increasing amount of time on the wards through a series of clinical rotations. In year five your clinical and professional training intensifies to prepare you for your first year of practice and is delivered in a variety of locations.


Clinical symposia

You also attend regular clinical symposia. These three-hour sessions often bring scientists, clinicians and patients together to explore a medical condition from three different perspectives. This integrated approach accelerates your learning by giving you powerful insights into disease, its impact and ways to treat it.


Early examination

At BSMS, we set a level-appropriate version of your Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) in Years 1 and 2. This provides you with an early opportunity to become comfortable with this type of assessment, ready for the higher-level ones later in your course and during postgraduate training.