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Internal medicine

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Internal Medicine

Key facts

MSc, PGDip, PGCert

Full-time: 1 year

Part-time: 3-5 years

Eligible applicants: UK, EU, international

Location: University of Brighton, Falmer campus, University of Sussex, Falmer

Course Principal: Prof Kevin Davies

Course Leader: Dr Ursula Davies 

General enquiries:

This course is jointly validated by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. Applications for 2021/22 entry are now open.

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Download the course application handbook for further information on this course.

Download the Internal Medicine handbook here >

Watch our Internal Medicine video below to find out more about the course from current students.

Our COVID-19 contingency plans for 2020-2021

With the COVID crisis, it is unfortunately the case that much medical education and training has been effectively put on partial hold. However, as we emerge, albeit cautiously, from lockdown, BSMS is keen to ensure that both its undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes ramp up appropriately.  

The need for quality specialist medical training is clearly paramount as we all have to adjust to new ways of delivering patient care in many clinical domains. We plan, for example, to deliver the postponed Infectious Diseases module in November, and are incorporating dedicated COVID-related teaching, focused both on clinical aspects and pathophysiology.

With regard to the Masters in Internal Medicine more generally, our priority is, of course the safety and well-being of our students. Here is what you should know about the upcoming academic year (2020-2021). 

The academic year  will start as normal and term dates will not be changed. Visit the University of Sussex website for up-to-date information on term dates below.

View the latest information on term dates here >

However, teaching will be delivered by a blend of in-person and online teaching, and we will adapt our timetables, teaching methods and course content to make the most of this approach. The balance of the blend will depend on the stringency of social distancing and other regulations in force at the time.

For students who are unwilling or unable to do anything in person, it will be 100% possible to complete all coursework remotely via online engagement in 2020 (details about 2021 are to be decided).  

Key areas of study

Clinical modules

  • Intensive medicine
  • Auto-immunity
  • Infectious diseases
  • Frailty and elderly medicine

Professional modules

  • Research methods and critical appraisal
  • Leadership and change management in clinical services
  • Communication, learning and teaching in health and social careIntensive medicine

Course overview

Run in partnership with educators, commissioners and practitioners from throughout the region, the course has support from Health Education Kent, Surrey, and Sussex (HEKSS).

It provides a rounded education in internal medicine, including current advances in medical sciences and their application in the clinical arena. Students will gain a detailed understanding of core research methodologies, critical evaluation, evidence based approaches and the pathophysiology of conditions of clinical interest.

"We are delighted to provide this unique opportunity for
advanced education in Internal Medicine.
Our Masters course promotes in depth understanding of disease
processes across a broad range of medical specialties,
including their pathophysiology and latest research data. It ensures high
level diagnostic skills and expert management technique
forward looking consultant physicians of the future.
Dr Ursula Davies, Course Leader

"Having recently finished Core Medical Training,
I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to further develop my skills in GIM."

Internal Medicine Graduate, 2020

"During the recent COVID-19 pandemic a good understanding of the principles
of frailty allowed for insightful and honest discussions with families,
patients and other specialties to enable robust, evidence-based decision making."

Internal Medicine Graduate, 2020

"Expert speakers with a focus not on simply learning a bunch of
diseases but rather on clinical reasoning, principles of
autoimmunity and developing a deeper understanding."

Internal Medicine Graduate, 2020

"I have really enjoyed the Masters thus far and would highly
recommend it to any colleagues considering a postgraduate
course, particularly those with a passion for Internal Medicine."

Internal Medicine Graduate, 2020

Course structure

MSc (180 credits)

Research Methods and Critical Appraisal (20 credits)


Five of the six clinical and professional modules (20 credits)


Dissertation (60 credits)

PGDip (120 credits)

Three of the four clinical modules PLUS three professional modules (20 credits)


Four clinical modules PLUS Research Methods & Critical Appraisal PLUS
one more professional module (20 credits)

PGCert (60 credits)

Three of the four clinical modules (20 credit modules)


Two of the four clinical modules PLUS (20 credit modules)

PLUS Research Methods and Critical Appraisal (20 credits)


Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEKSS) will fund up to fifteen Internal Medicine students starting in 2018/19 with bursaries covering 80% of the course fees. Bursaries are available to any doctors, nurses and allied health professionals employed by the NHS within HEKSS. 

Career opportunities

The course provides increased scientific awareness of pathophysiological processes and will prepare medical trainees for advanced practice and senior clinical posts.

It will train students to be high-achieving consultants and clinical leaders by combining clinical knowledge with professional development learning in the three key domains of leadership; communication, learning and teaching; and the development of research and publishing skills. It will also prepare students who wish to engage in substantive research projects leading to MD or PhD.

Entry requirements

This course is open to medical trainees who have completed a primary medical qualification and MRCP Part 1. These requirements may be relaxed under special circumstances for applicants with substantial clinical experience (please enquire prior to application).

For international students a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 is required.

This course is open to applications from UK/ EU/ Island residents and international students. 

Fees and funding

The fees listed below are the overall costs for full-time courses taken in the academic year 2020-21. Where courses are taken part-time over more than one academic year, fees are usually charged pro-rata for the modules taken during each academic year.  


UK / EU / Island students £9,342

International £15,156


UK £6,228

International £10,104


UK £3,114

International £5,052

Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEKSS) have provided funding for a number of Internal Medicine students with bursaries covering 80% of the course fees. Bursaries are available to any doctors employed by the NHS within HEKSS.