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Alumni in Focus - Katie Morrigan

Katie Morrigan (Physician Associate Studies 2018)

A colour photo of Katie Morrigan, Physician Associate Studies alumna, smiling directly at the camera in medium close up.

Katie was in the first cohort of Physician Associate Studies students at BSMS and graduated from the MSc in 2018.

She tells us about her work as a physician associate in West Sussex, and how she is helping to build the community that shaped her by working part-time as a lecturer on the PA programme at BSMS.

Tell us a bit about where you are now? 

I currently work in Worthing hospital as a Physician Associate (PA) on the general medical, diabetic and endocrine ward; I have been there since November 2019. Before that I was at East Surrey Hospital as a PA in Care of the Elderly for two years. I also work two days a week at BSMS as a lecturer on the Physician Associate Studies programme.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I have ever been given is: You can always ask. I can’t remember who said this, but often I find that I try and do too much on my own! I have gained a lot from all parts of my life when I have asked for help!

Who has inspired you most in life?

My mum. She showed me that there’s always an opportunity to do something new. She has done a variety of jobs over the years and always transferred skills and knowledge from these to new ones, no matter how different they were, and subsequently added more. I came to this course after a couple of years of trying other things and I was worried that it was too late to try something new. This has definitely not been the case.

How has the pandemic changed your work?

I have been on COVID wards since the first wave in 2020. The change in our day-to-day was massive initially and over time it has lessened and seemed to go back to a new form of normal. There tends to be difficulties and delays getting patients home or to their care homes, or getting certain investigations while in hospital. We’re seeing more, now, how the pandemic has affected people’s access to healthcare as we are seeing more patients with progression of diseases that may have been found and treated earlier. Other than that, it’s mostly the same but with a lot more PPE.
What was the best thing about studying at BSMS?

I love living in Brighton, and having the opportunity to study at BSMS meant that I didn’t have to leave my home, friends, and family. I was on the first cohort of PA Studies and so I feel very fortunate to have had that opportunity to learn and grow with the course. Over my time at BSMS and since graduating I have made a lot of friends and colleagues through the medical school. I love being a part of the community that has been built.

What's your favourite memory from your time at BSMS?

It was an intensive two years! I have fond memories of the people I worked with, we all had to support each other for us to get through the course.
What advice would you give aspiring PA students?

Throw yourself into any opportunity that interests you even slightly! Often I have found that the small things I volunteered for have resulted in some amazing opportunities down the line. You’ll end up networking with interesting people and get to find out about other amazing projects and events.
Describe BSMS in three words

Innovating, welcoming, enjoyable!