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Chantelle Rizan

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Miss Chantelle Rizan (BSc(Hons) MBBCh MRes MRCS(ENT))

Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow, BSMS

Area of expertise: Sustainable Healthcare, Quality Improvement, Medical Education

Research areas: Sustainable Surgery

Other relevant positions: ENT Research Fellow, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, Surgical Research Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
Sustainable Surgery Fellow, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare


Chantelle Rizan is an ENT Research Fellow at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, currently undertaking a PhD at Brighton and Sussex Medical School using carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment methodologies to identify carbon hotspots within surgical operating theatres. Chantelle’s research is funded by Health Education England, with additional funding from the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng), as a Surgical Research Fellow. 

Chantelle is a founding member of the RCSEng Sustainability in Surgery working group, and she was invited to guest edit the sustainability edition of the RCSEng ‘The Bulletin’ -

Chantelle is the Sustainable Surgery Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, where she co-developed a carbon footprinting workshop aimed at improving carbon literacy amongst healthcare professionals, and she has also taught on their Sustainable Quality Improvement workshop. She is a founding member of the Environmental Sustainability Steering Group at her local NHS Trust. 

Chantelle completed her medical degree at Cardiff University, where she also completed an intercalated Neuroscience BSc (1st Class Honours) and was awarded the prize for top degree marks that year. Chantelle has a Masters of Research with distinction from BSMS based on her research streamlining ENT patient pathways using lean management techniques. She gained Quality Improvement skills as a Management and Leadership Academic Foundation Doctor, through the NHS Leadership Academy Edward Jenner Programme, and BSMS HEESE Leading for Quality Programme. Chantelle’s previous leadership roles include former chair of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement Brighton Chapter, and former president of Cardiff University Surgical Society. 


Chantelle’s research seeks to provide an evidence basis to improve the sustainability of healthcare, with a particular focus on surgery. She uses carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment methods to identify carbon hotspots, and to evaluate the environmental impact of different approaches to surgical procedures and associated processes.

Chantelle’s current research includes:

  • Carbon footprint and hotspot analysis of the consumables used within the 5 most common operations in the UK
  • Carbon footprint of sterilisation and packaging of reusable surgical instruments
  • Carbon footprint of hospital waste
  • Life cycle assessment of reusable versus disposable surgical scissors and repair processes
  • Life cycle assessment of PPE used within COVID-19 pandemic. 

Chantelle’s sustainability research grew from her research streamlining patient pathways, where she realised that making healthcare services ‘leaner’ typically confers carbon savings alongside financial and efficiency savings whilst maintaining the highest standards of patient care. Focusing on sustainability allows her to combine her personal interest in the environment with her research interest in systems improvement.


Chantelle has been an Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow at BSMS since 2017, and she currently teaches undergraduate medical students about healthcare sustainability at both BSMS and University of Cambridge. Chantelle has supervised undergraduate Student Selected Components and Individual Research Projects on topics relating to sustainability, leadership and management, and ENT audit. She also co-supervises academic foundation doctors and junior doctors on their sustainability research projects at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust.

Chantelle regularly delivers teaching on sustainability to healthcare professionals from a range of clinical backgrounds, through workshops at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, and within national webinars, including those hosted by the Association of Surgeons in Training, BMJ and Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, and Association of Coloproctologists of Great Britain and Ireland.

Chantelle has a range of broader commitments in research, teaching and clinical practice as a trainee ENT surgeon and her aspiration is to be a clinical academic surgeon with a major academic interest in sustainable healthcare. 

Selected publications

Rizan C, Lillywhite R, Reed M, Bhutta MF. Minimising carbon footprint and financial costs of steam sterilisation and packaging reusable surgical instruments. British Journal of Surgery. 2021. Published online ahead of print (available at: PMID: 34849606 

Rizan C, Bhutta MF. Environmental impact and life cycle financial cost of hybrid (reusable/ single-use) instruments versus single-use equivalents in laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Surgical Endoscopy. Published online ahead of print (available at: PMID: 34559257  

Rizan C, Bhutta MF. A strategy for net zero carbon surgery. British Journal of Surgery *Available online ahead of print. Doi: 10.1093/bjs/znab130. Read it here >

Rizan C, Reed M, Bhutta MF. Environmental impact of Personal Protective Equipment supplied to health and social care services in England in the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2021;114(5):250-263. PMID: 33726611. Read it here >

Rizan C, Bhutta MF, Reed M, Lillywhite R. The carbon footprint of waste streams in a UK hospital. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2021;286:125446. Doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.125446. Read it here >

Rizan C, Steinbach I, Nicholson R, Lillywhite R, Reed M, Bhutta MF. The carbon footprint of operating theatres: a systematic review. Annals of Surgery. In press

Rizan C, Mortimer F, Stancliffe R, Bhutta MF. Plastics in healthcare: time for a re-evaluation. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2020;113(2):49-53.

Rizan C, Reed M, Mortimer F, Jones A, Stancliffe R, Bhutta MF. Using surgical sustainability principles to improve planetary health and optimise surgical services following COVID-19. The Bulletin. 2020; 102(5):177-181

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Rizan C, Das P, Low R, Harden S, Flaherty B, Welland T, Bhutta MF. A streamlined pathway for patients with unilateral tinnitus: our experience of 22 patients. Clinical Otolaryngology. 2018; 44(2): 191-196.