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Dr Anna Jones

Dr Anna Jones

Dr Anna Jones (MBBS, DTM+H, MPH, FFPH, PGCert Med Ed, FHEA)

Clinical Teaching Fellow: Project Lead for Sustainable Healthcare in UG Med Ed

Areas of expertise: Public health, medical education, sustainable health 

Research areas: Medical education 

Other relevant positions: Facilitator for Inequalities and Inclusion Health small group sessions in 101 and 201 



Having qualified in medicine, she worked in a wide variety of junior doctor posts before taking up a post as a District Medical Officer in a small rural hospital in Kwazulu-Natal. She then undertook general practice training in North London. Witnessing the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kwazulu-Natal and health inequalities in London had sparked her interest in public health and she entered the London / KSS public health training programme working across a variety of settings including as a short-term consultant for WHO on the Stop Polio Programme in Ethiopia. She took up a post as a Consultant in Health Protection for the Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) in East Sussex working on outbreak control, TB, and immunisation strategies and setting up the Surveillance of Lead in Children (SLiC) study which explored the epidemiology of raised bloods lead levels in children across the UK. Her interest in teaching began after joining People’s-Uni in 2009 which provides low-cost Master’s level public health education to health professionals in low-income settings where she developed the Communicable Disease module, and is now module leader and facilitator. As a Clinical Teaching Fellow in Medical Education at BSMS from 2011 - 2016, she was the module leader for the electives and taught health protection and global health. Following this role, she was commissioned by Doctors of the World to undertake an evaluation of their service for vulnerable migrants in Brighton which aimed to remove the barriers to healthcare. She has recently returned to BSMS and is leading on implementing teaching in sustainable health and sustainable healthcare. She has also trained as an ESOL teacher and I am a volunteer English language teacher for the Refugee Council which involves teaching beginner level English to unaccompanied teenage asylum seekers at their Children’s centre in Croydon. 



Undergraduate: Teaching on Environment and Health, Wider determinants of Health and Sustainable Healthcare sessions - 101 and 201. Facilitator for the Inequalities and Inclusion Health programme - 101 and 201. Teaching on Climate change and Health - Global Health Day in 403. Postgraduate: ‘Globalisation, Climate Change and Health’ session for the Global Health MSc at BSMS. 

Selected publications

J. Sheringham, A. Lyon, A. Jones, J. Strobl, and H. Barratt Increasing medical students' engagement in public health: case studies illustrating the potential role of online learning Journal of Public Health 2015  

Belcher, R., Jones, A., Smith L., Vincent, T., Qualitative study of the impact of an authentic electronic portfolio in undergraduate medical education BMC Medical Education 2014 

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Jones A, Ruggles R, Murray V. ‘Development of a lead ‘action card’ for public health practitioners’. Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report 2008; 11: 21–24. 

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