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Dr Anne Gatuguta

Dr Anne Gataguta

Dr Anne Gatuguta (MBChB, MPH, PhD)

Senior Lecturer in Global Health
T: +44 (0)1273 872788
Location: Ground Floor, BSMS Medical Research Building, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PX

Area of expertise: Gender violence, research methods, epidemiology 

Research areas: Gender-based violence; violence in children; barriers to healthcare; prevention interventions; HIV/AIDS; patients’ experiences with healthcare services; and, social determinants of health particularly as they relate to access to healthcare, adherence to treatment and uptake of health interventions.

Other roles: MSc Global Health course leader



Anne is a Senior Lecturer  in the Department of Global Health and Infection in the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS). Prior to joining BSMS, Anne was completing a PhD in Public Health and Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. While there, Anne taught part-time on the Basic Mathematics and Statistics for Epidemiology and Population Health modules. 

Anne has a background in clinical medicine and worked in the private and public health sectors in Kenya for over ten years. Her experience treating and interacting with patients, many of whom were suffering from easily preventable conditions and also presented late with complications, led to an interest in prevention and public health. Consequently, Anne underwent a two-year clinical research training through the Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholarship/Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, USA and also obtained a master’s degree in public health (MPH) from the University of Nairobi. Following these training, Anne has been involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in epidemiology, research and public health, as well as conducting healthcare research where she has managed multiple interdisciplinary research projects.


Anne is a mixed methods researcher whose work is largely focused on understanding barriers to healthcare access, adherence to treatment and uptake of preventive health interventions such as screening and interventions delivered by lay health workers. Anne’s doctoral research combined qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the pathways and barriers to healthcare for survivors of sexual violence, and, the role of community health workers in providing support healthcare services to survivors. This research was in line with her core interest in understanding barriers particularly for vulnerable groups and finding innovative solutions and interventions to address these barriers. Anne has a particular interest in understanding the socio-cultural aspects of violence, especially violence against women and children, and in improving access to and quality of care provided to survivors. Anne’s other research include investigating adherence to ARTs in children and adolescents, HIV transmission among discordant couples, transmission of HIV during breastfeeding, and, issues of stigma among HIV-infected individuals and survivors of sexual violence. 



Anne teaches various topics on the MSc Global Health programme including violence as a determinant of health, research methods, infectious diseases and global health. She also supervises dissertation for the MSc Global Health. She is the module leader for the Communicable Disease module; and a module leader for Research Practice in Global Contexts; Conflict Violence and Health; Global Health Dissertation. 

Selected publications

Duran MC, Bosire R, Beima-Sofie KM, Igonya EK, Aluisio AR, Gatuguta A, Mbori-Ngacha D, Farquhar C, Stewart GJ, Roxby AC. Women's Autonomy in Infant Feeding Decision-Making: A Qualitative Study in Nairobi, Kenya. Matern Child Health J. 2021 May;25(5):724-730. doi: 10.1007/s10995-021-03119-1. Epub 2021 Feb 5. PMID: 33544286; PMCID: PMC8062297. 

Gatuguta A, Colombini M, Seeley J, Soremekun S, Devries K. Supporting children and adolescents who have experienced sexual abuse to access services: Community health workers' experiences in Kenya. Child Abuse Negl. 2021 Jun;116(Pt 1):104244. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2019.104244. Epub 2019 Dec 25. PMID: 31882066. 

Gatuguta, A., Merrill, K.G., Colombini, M. et al. Missed treatment opportunities and barriers to comprehensive treatment for sexual violence survivors in Kenya: a mixed methods study. BMC Public Health 18, 769 (2018). 

Anne Gatuguta, Barbra Katusiime, Janet Seeley, Manuela Colombini, Isaac Mwanzo, Karen Devries. Should community health workers offer support healthcare services to survivors of sexual violence? A systematic review. BMC International Health and Human Rights (2017) 17:28 DOI 10.1186/s12914-017-0137-z

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Odeny Beryne Mikal, Pfeiffer James, Farquhar Carey, Igonya Emmy Kageha, Gatuguta Anne, Kagwaini Florence, Nduati Ruth, Kiarie James, Bosire Rose. Stigma and Exclusive Breastfeeding among HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Women in Nairobi, KenyaBreastfeed Med. 2016 Jun; 11:252-8.

Newman LP, Njoroge A, Ben-Youssef L, Merkel M, Gatuguta A, Ton Q, Obimbo EM, Wamalwa D, Lohman-Payne B, Richardson BA, Nduati R, Farquhar C. Measles seropositivity in HIV-infected Kenyan children on antiretroviral therapy.Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2014 Aug; 33(8):843-5. doi: 10.1097/INF.0000000000000332.

Soh J, Rositch AF, Koutsky L, Guthrie BL, Choi RY, Bosire RK, Gatuguta A, Smith JS, Kiarie J, Lohman-Payne B, Farquhar C. Individual and partner risk factors associated with abnormal cervical cytology among women in HIV-discordant relationships. Int J STD AIDS. 2014 Apr; 25(5):315-24. doi: 10.1177/0956462413504554. Epub 2013 Sep 18.

Mackelprang R.D., Bosire R., Guthrie B.L., Choi R.Y., Liu A., Gatuguta A., Rositch A., Kiarie J.N., Farquhar C. High rates of relationship dissolution among heterosexual HIV-serodiscordant couples in Kenya.AIDS and Behavior, 2014, 18(1): 189–193. doi: 10.1007/s10461-013-0529-6.

N. Jeanne Conley, Patricia B. Pavlinac, Brandon L. Guthrie, Romel D. Mackelprang, Anthony N. Muiru, Robert Y. Choi, Rose Bosire, Anne Gatuguta, Carey Farquhar. Distance from Home 1. to Study Clinic and Risk of Follow-Up Interruption in a Cohort of HIV-1-Discordant Couples in Nairobi, KenyaPLoS ONE August 2012; 7(8)2.

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