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Dr Chantelle Rizan

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Dr Chantelle Rizan (BSc (Hons) MBBCh MRes MRCS (ENT) PhD)

Clinical Lecturer

Area of expertise: Sustainable Healthcare, Quality Improvement, Human and Planetary Health

Research areas: Sustainable Surgery

Other relevant positions: ENT Research Fellow, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, Surgical Research Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
Sustainable Surgery Fellow, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare


Chantelle was appointed as Clinical Lecturer in Sustainable Healthcare at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2022, following her PhD evaluating ways to mitigate the carbon footprint of products used in the operating theatre. Chantelle seeks to translate her research into practice and policy, and is an academic advisor for a national report on Greener Surgery in collaboration with UK Health and Climate Change Alliance. Key achievements include receiving the Hillary International Health and Care Leadership Award (2022), and the Adam Weiler Doctoral Impact Award (2021) for outstanding academic impact. 


Chantelle’s research aims to provide an evidence-based approach to improve the sustainability of healthcare, with a particular focus on mitigating carbon footprint associated with products used for surgical products. She uses carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment methods to identify carbon hotspots, to evaluate the environmental impact of alternative products, and to optimise associated processes.


Chantelle teaches on topics related to sustainable healthcare on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at BSMS. Chantelle regularly delivers teaching on sustainability to healthcare professionals from a range of clinical backgrounds, through workshops at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, and within national and international webinars and conferences.

Selected publications

Drew J, Christie SD, Rainham D, Rizan C. HealthcareLCA: an open-access living database of health-care environmental impact assessments. Lancet Planetary Health. 2022. **Published online ahead of print Available here >

Rizan C, Bhutta MF. Re: The Carbon Footprint of Single-Use Flexible Cystoscopes compared to Reusable Cystoscopes. Methodological flaws led to the erroneous conclusion that single-use is “better”. Journal of Endourology. 2022. Online ahead of print here >

Rizan C, Brophy T, Lillywhite R, Reed M, Bhutta MF. Life cycle assessment and life cycle cost of repairing surgical scissors. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. 2022;27:780–795. Available at:

Rizan C, Lillywhite R, Reed M, Bhutta MF. Minimising carbon footprint and financial costs of steam sterilisation and packaging reusable surgical instruments. British Journal of Surgery. 2022;109(2):200–210. PMID: 34849606 Available at:

Rizan C, Bhutta MF. Environmental impact and life cycle financial cost of hybrid (reusable/ single-use) instruments versus single-use equivalents in laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Surgical Endoscopy. 2022;36(6):4067–4078. PMID: 34559257  Available at:

Rizan C, Bhutta MF. A strategy for net zero carbon surgery. British Journal of Surgery 2021;108:737-739. Doi: 10.1093/bjs/znab130. Available at:

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Rizan C, Bhutta MF, Reed M, Lillywhite R. The carbon footprint of waste streams in a UK hospital. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2021;286:125446. Doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.125446. Available at:

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Rizan C, Mortimer F, Stancliffe R, Bhutta MF. Plastics in healthcare: time for a re-evaluation. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2020;113(2):49-53.Available at:

Rizan C, Reed M, Mortimer F, Jones A, Stancliffe R, Bhutta MF. Using surgical sustainability principles to improve planetary health and optimise surgical services following COVID-19. The Bulletin. 2020; 102(5):177-181Available at:

See full publications here >