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Dr Chris Jones

Dr Chris Jones

Dr Chris Jones

Senior Research Fellow in Medical Statistics
T: +44 (0)1273 644587
Location: Watson Building, University of Brighton, Falmer, BN1 9PS

Areas of expertise: Bioinformatics; biomarkers; biostatistics; cancer (human disease); cancer cell biology; cell cultures; data analysis; drosophila; gene regulation; genetics and development; miRNA; molecular biology; mRNA; next-generation sequencing; non-coding RNA; RNA stability; RNA-seq; RNAi; statistics; statistics for clinical trials


Chris Jones completed a BSc in Biochemistry in 2007, followed by a lab-based PhD in molecular biology and genetics from BSMS in 2011. Over the next 6 years he worked as a postdoctoral Research Fellow on a BBSRC funded project based on his PhD work and on a novel project on gene expression in osteosarcoma funded by the Brighton University Rising Stars Initiative and the University of Sussex Research Development Fund. Chris gained extensive laboratory and bioinformatic experience designing, performing and analysing gene profiling experiments using RNA-seq and qRT-PCR, and using other techniques such as Western blotting, Drosophila genetics, and human and fruit fly cell culture. Chris received further funding from the BBSRC in 2017 as Co-I on a new RNA-seq based project and continues to be involved in numerous lab projects, as well as supervising two lab-based PhD students.

As a Research Fellow in Medical Statistics since 2015, Chris has been involved in the development of, and performed analysis for, over 15 studies involving the Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit and over 30 other studies based at Brighton and Sussex University Trust, the University of Brighton, and the BSMS Global Health and infection, Primary Care and Public Health, Clinical and Experimental Medicine, and Neuroscience departments, including the recently completed multi-centre EU Horizon 2020 funded EmERGE study.

Chris completed a BA in Mathematics and Statistics from the Open University in 2017 and was awarded both Chartered Statistician status through the Royal Statistical Society and Science Council Chartered Scientist Status through the Royal Society of Biology in 2019. 


Chris is primarily interested in statistical approaches to the design and analysis of quantitative research. Particularly for Clinical trials and lab-based research.

Chris has a lab background, and a strong interest and extensive experience in whole-genome approaches to gene expression analysis, such as RNA-sequencing, microarrays and qRT-PCR arrays. He also has extensive experience in the design of experiments utilising molecular biology and cell culture techniques.

Chris has designed and performed analysis for studies in diverse research areas, including: RNA degradation, osteosarcoma, prostate cancer, atrial fibrillation, breast cancer, multiple myeloma, leukaemia, Clostridium difficile infection, hip replacement/surgical site infections, bladder cancer, epilepsy, fatty liver disease, first episode psychosis, asthma, HIV, lymphedema/podoconiosis, scabies, and trustworthiness of online health information. 

Recently he has performed analyses for the €5.5M Horizon 2020 funded EmERGE project in people living with HIV at 5 European sites (Brighton, Antwerp, Barcelona, Lisbon and Zagreb).

Selected publications

Middleton, Jo, Abdad, Mohammad Yazid, Beauchamp, Emilie, Colthart, Gavin, Cooper, Maxwell J F, Dem, Francesca, Fairhead, James, Grundy, Caroline L, Head, Michael G, Inacio, Joao, Jones, Christopher Iain, Macgregor, Hayley, Peck, Mika, Stewart, Alan J, Cassell, Jackie A and others, (2020) Health service needs and perspectives of remote forest communities in Papua New Guinea: study protocol for combined clinical and rapid anthropological assessments with parallel treatment of urgent cases. BMJ Open, 10 (10). a041784 1-11. ISSN 2044-6055

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Edelman, Natalie, Whetham, Jennifer, Cassell, Jackie, de Visser, Richard, Mercer, Catherine, Jones, Christopher, Gersten, Abbey and Bremner, Stephen (2020) Performance of a tool to identify different types of self-reported sexual risk among women attending a contraception and sexual health clinic: results of a cross-sectional survey. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2515-1991

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Llewellyn, Carrie Diane, Abraham, Charles, Pollard, Alex, Jones, Christopher Iain, Bremner, Stephen, Miners, Alec and Smith, Helen (2019) A randomised controlled trial of a telephone administered brief HIV risk reduction intervention amongst men who have sex with men prescribed post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV after sexual exposure in the UK: Project PEPSE. PLoS ONE, 14 (5). e0216855 1-19. ISSN 1932-6203

Nagai, Yoko, Jones, Christopher Iain and Sen, Arjune (2019) Galvanic skin response (GSR)/electrodermal/skin conductance biofeedback on epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Frontiers in Neurology, 10 (377). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1664-2295

Jack, James M, Ellicott, Helen, Jones, Christopher I, Bremner, Stephen A, Densham, Ian and Harper, C Mark (2019) Determining the accuracy of zero-flux and ingestible thermometers in the peri-operative setting. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing. ISSN 1387-1307

Middleton, Jo, Cassell, Jackie, Jones, Christopher I, Lanza, Stefania, Head, Michael G and Walker, Stephen L (2018) Authors reply to ‘Scabies control: the forgotten role of personal hygiene’, correspondence by Duncan Mara. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 18 (10). pp. 1068-1069. ISSN 1473-3099

Cassell, Jackie A, Middleton, Jo, Nalabanda, Ananth, Lanza, Stefania, Head, Michael G, Bostock, Jennifer, Hewitt, Kirsty, Jones, Christopher Iain, Darley, Charles, Karir, Simran and Walker, Stephen L (2018) Scabies outbreaks in ten care homes for elderly people: a prospective study of clinical features, epidemiology, and treatment outcomes. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 18 (8). pp. 894-902. ISSN 1473-3099

Edelman, N L, Cassell, J A, Mercer, C H, Bremner, S A, Jones, C I, Gersten, A and deVisser, R O (2018) Deriving a clinical prediction rule to target sexual healthcare to women attending British General Practices. Preventive Medicine, 112. pp. 185-192. ISSN 0091-7435. 

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