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Dr Malgorzata (Gosia) Raczek

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Dr Malgorzata(Gosia) Raczek (MRCPsych, MSc)

Honorary Researcher and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Areas of expertise: Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body dementias, neuropsychiatry of Parkinson’s disease

Research areas: Brain imaging in dementia

Preferred gender pronouns: she/her

Twitter handle: @goniah



Gosia is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Centre for Dementia Studies (CDS) and a module leader for the MSc in Dementia Studies. She is also a clinical academic consultant in Old Age Psychiatry at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, where she works in Memory Assessment Service in North West Sussex and Dementia Research Unit (DRU) in Crowborough. Gosia is a PhD student at the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre working on a study of brain structure and connectivity in neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and an investigator on studies run by DRU and CDS.


Neuropsychiatry of neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body dementias and brain imaging. 



Gosia is module leader on Understanding Dementia (MDM119) and Assessment and Treatment of Dementia (MDM120) modules in the course of MSc in Dementia Studies.

She also teaches the Psychopharmacology module for the MSc in Psychiatry and contributes to MRCPsych teaching at SPFT.

Selected publications

Tabet, N., & Raczek, G. (2019). Vascular Dementia. In R. Butler & C. Katona (Eds.), Seminars in Old Age Psychiatry (College Seminars Series, pp. 79-87). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108593946.007

Bluhm R, Raczek G, Wall M, Broome M. Ethical Issues in Brain Imaging in Psychiatry (2015) chapter,
Oxford handbook of Psychiatric Ethics. DOI 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780198732372.013.21|

Velayudhan L., Ryu, SH, Raczek M., Philpot M., Lindesay J., Critchfield M, Livingston G. (2014) Review of brief cognitive tests for patients with suspected dementia Int Psychogeriatr; 26(8):1247-1262

Sundram F, Deeley Q, Sarkar S, Daly E, Latham R, Craig M, Fahy T, Picchioni M, Raczek M; the UK AIMS Network, Barker GJ, Murphy DG. 2011. White matter microstructural abnormalities in the frontal lobe of adults with antisocial personality disorder. 2012 Feb Cortex 48(2):216-29

Raczek M, Howard R. Delusional experience of self as receiver of email in schizoaffective disorder. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry, 2007 May; 22(5):496-7.