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Dr Michael Tarzi

Dr Michael Tarzi (MA, MD, MRCP, FRCPath)

Senior Lecturer (Honorary Consultant) in Immunology
T: +44 (0)1273 872700
Location: BSMS Teaching Building, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PX

Other roles: Phase 2 Lead

Areas of expertise: Allergy, diagnostic immunology, primary immounodeficiency, C1 inhibitor deficiency

Research areas: C1 inhibitor deficiency, diagnostic immunology



Michael completed an MD at The National Heart & Lung Institute in the field of peptide immunotherapy for allergic disease; he went on to train in Clinical Immunology at Barts Health.  He was appointed Senior Lecturer in Immunology at BSMS in 2008.  


Michael’s research interests have included T cells in allergic disease, pollen-food syndrome, diagnostic immunology and C1 inhibitor deficiency.  



Michael has been the immunology theme lead for module 204 since 2009 and Phase 2 Lead since 2015.

Selected publications

Longhurst H, Tarzi M, Ashworth F, Bethune C, Cale C, Dempster J et al. C1 inhibitor deficiency: 2014 United Kingdom consensus document. Clin Exp Immunol. 2015;180(3):475-483. 

Beltran L, Koenig M, Egner W, Howard M, Butt A, Austin M et al. High-titre circulating tissue transglutaminase-2 antibodies predict small bowel villous atrophy, but decision cut-off limits must be locally validated. Clin Exp Immunol. 2014;176(2):190-198. 

Read N, Lim E, Tarzi M, Hildick-Smith P, Burns S, Fidler K. Paediatric hereditary angioedema: a survey of UK service provision and patient experience. Clin Exp Immunol. 2014;178(3):483-488. 

Jolles S, Williams P, Carne E, Mian H, Huissoon A, Wong G et al. A UK national audit of hereditary and acquired angioedema. Clin Exp Immunol. 2013;175(1):59-67. 

Smith K, Gray N, Saleh F, Cheek E, Frew A, Kern F et al. Characterisation of CD154+ T cells following ex vivo allergen stimulation illustrates distinct T cell responses to seasonal and perennial allergens in allergic and non-allergic individuals. BMC Immunol. 2013;14(1):49. 

Smith K, Gray N, Cheek E, Saleh F, Lavender J, Frew A et al. Characterisation of CD154+ T cells following ex vivo birch allergen stimulation defines a close relationship between T cell subsets in healthy volunteers. BMC Immunol. 2013;14(1):14. 

Rashid R, Smith K, Nambiar K, Frew A, Tarzi M. Pollen-food syndrome is related to Bet v 1/PR-10 protein sensitisation, but not all patients have spring rhinitis. Allergy. 2011;66(10):1391-1392.