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Professor Shahaduz Zaman


Professor Shahaduz Zaman

Professor in Medical Anthropology and Global Health
T: +44 (0)1273 877844
Location: Room 2.17 Medical Teaching Building, BSMS, University of Sussex BN1 9PX

Areas of expertise: Medical Anthropology, Global Health  

Research areas: Hospital ethnography, socio-cultural aspects of communicable and non-communicable diseases, death dying and end of life, refugee health, role of art in heath interventions, health policy and health systems in low income countries and medical history.



Professor Shahaduz Zaman has an interdisciplinary background with degrees in Medical Anthropology, Public Health and Medicine. He has more than 15 years of experience in conducting research and teaching in global public health. His research interests include hospital ethnography, Socio-cultural aspects of communicable and non-communicable diseases, death dying and end of life, refugee health, role of art in heath interventions, health policy and health systems in low income countries and medical history. Shahaduz Zaman conducted research in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Syria. He has received research grants from ESRC, AHRC, MRC, British Academy and WHO.

Before joining as a Senior Lecturer and then Reader in Medical Anthropology and Global Health at the Department of Global Health and Infection at BSMS, he worked with School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow and Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University. Shahaduz Zaman obtained his Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2003. He obtained his Public Health and Medical degree from Bangladesh. Shahaduz Zaman was born and brought up in Bangladesh, and started his career as a community health physician in the rural parts of the country.

Before moving to UK in 2009 he was working at the James P. Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, Bangladesh as an Associate Professor. Shahaduz Zaman is also a notable fiction writer in Bengali literature and the recipient of the ‘Bangla Academy Award 2016’ which is the highest national literary award in Bangladesh. 


Shahaduz Zaman has more than a decade’s experience of conducing of global health research on diverse topics. His Ph.D. research was the ethnography of a hospital in Bangladesh; it was one of the very few hospital ethnographies conducted in non-Western settings. He has worked as  a medical anthropologist in number of global health research projects including ‘Global interventions at the end of life’, ‘Death and dying of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon’,  ‘Health policies and  health seeking behaviour in relation to Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the Esteem Mediterranean countries,’ ‘Primary healthcare in later life: improving service in Bangladesh and Vietnam’, ‘Communicable Diseases: Vulnerability, Risks and Poverty’, ‘Globalization as a social determinant of Health’, ‘History of Family Planning in Bangladesh’. He has received research grants from ESRC, AHRC, MRC, British Academy and WHO. Currently Shahduz Zaman is co-ordinating a qualitative research project on Mycetoma in Sudan. His is also the Principal Investigator of an AHRC-MRC funded project titled ‘Partnership to ensure the sustainability of a public health palliative care project in Bangladesh through community theatre’. Shahaduz Zaman is interested in ethnographic exploration of health and illness of marginalised, excluded and vulnerable populations.



Shahduz Zaman teaches anthropological aspects of global health, medical anthropology, Health policies and health systems in low income counties, global challenges of death and dying,  health and development. 

Selected publications

Journal publications

Clark D, Inbadas H, Colburn B, Forrest C, Richards N, Whitelaw S and Zaman, S. (2017). Interventions at the end of life – a taxonomy for ‘overlapping consensus’. Wellcome Open Res 2017, 2:7 (doi: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.10722.1)

Zaman, S. Ahmed, N., Rashid, M., Jahan, F. (2017). Palliative care for slum populations: A case from Bangladesh, European Journal of Palliative Care, 24: 4, 156–160.  

Zaman, S.; Whitelaw, A.;Richards, N.;Hamilton Inbadas, H.; Clark,D.;  (2017) A moment for compassion – emerging rhetorics in end of life care, Medical Humanities (Accepted) 

Zaman, S. Inbadas, H., Whitelaw, A. and Clark, D (2016) Common or multiple futures for end of life care around the world? Ideas from the ‘waiting room of history. Social Science and Medicine, 172, pp.72-79. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed. 

Zaman, S. (2013) The silent saviours: family members in a Bangladeshi hospital. Anthropology and Medicine Vol. 20, No.3, p. 278-287

Phillimore,P., Zaman, S., Ahmad, B., Shoaibi, A., Khatib, R., Husseini, A., Fouad. F., Elias, M., Maziak, M., Tlili, F., Tinsa, F., Romdhane, H., Kilic, B. (2013) Health system challenges of Non-Communicable Diseases in four Eastern Mediterranean countries. Global Public Health: An International Journal for Research. Vol.8, Issue.8 p. 875-88

Zaman, S, N.Selim & T. Joardar (2013) Mcdonaldization without a McDonald’s: Globalization and food culture as social determinants of health in urban Bangladesh, Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Research. Vol.16, p.551-568

Zaman, S. (2009) Ladies without Lamps: Nurses in Bangladesh. Qualitative Health Research.  19, p: 375-387

Zaman, S. (2008). Native Among the Natives: Physician anthropologist doing hospital ethnography at home. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography Vol:37 (2), pp. 137-154 


S. Zaman (2005) Broken limbs, broken lives: Ethnography of a hospital ward in  Bangladesh. Publisher: Het Spinhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The E-book version has been published in 2017. 

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