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Anti-Racist Practice in Medical Education: Pedagogy and Research

Anti-Racist Practice in Medical Education: Pedagogy and Research: VIRTUAL conference

Friday 24 September 2021, 10am-4pm (British Summer Time). 

Online via Zoom. Free and open to all.

Abstracts will be accepted online from 1 June 2021. Please check back for details.

Registration for the conference will open on 1 June 2021.

About this conference

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) is pleased to announce their first conference aimed at sharing Anti-Racist Practice in Medical Education: including both pedagogical/curriculum innovations as well as working research papers. The conference will be held completely virtually via Zoom.

The conference looks to past, present and future, and invites abstract submissions of up-to 300 words describing your teaching innovations or research, along the following themes:

  • Decolonising Histories in Medical Education
  • Promoting Anti-Racist Practice in Contemporary Research and Pedagogy
  • Safeguarding the Future: towards Anti-Racist Medicine

Decolonising Histories in Medical Education

This theme will discuss presentations on narratives around Histories of Medicine- some of which we feel like have been ignored in our consideration of how Modern Medicine has come to be. On many occasions, Indigenous Knowledge of colonised peoples around the world has contributed to development of medicine (for example, origin of vaccines, origin of syringes, and many more), and raising awareness of these contributions is essential to changing some of the myths that underpin systemic nature of racism in our current systems.

Promoting Anti-Racist Practice in Contemporary Research and Pedagogy 

This theme will incorporate presentations on Anti-Racist work (curriculum changes, changes to working practices, working research papers) that is currently underway at various schools. A lot of early change is happening and we invite colleagues and students who wish to present and discuss their work in progress through this strand. 

Safeguarding the Future: towards Anti-Racist Medicine

This strand will invite presentations on how to embed the changes that are happening, and take them forward. Research that focuses on the future of Anti-Racism work in medicine, as well as sharing of pedagogical practices that focus on safeguarding the future of anti-racism work in Medical Education are invited here. For example, concerns have been raised about Artificial Intelligence – it is changing the future of Medicine but, how it is replicating our currently held biases. Similarly, while COVID-19 has drawn attention to structural inequalities that exist, we have also seen a rise in ‘Blame narrative’ which will need to be continually challenged in the future. The descriptors above are brief summaries – if you have concerns about whether your submission will fit in these themes or not, please email Gaurish Chawla at with any queries. 

Conference timetable

Timetable of events
 Date Event
 1 June 2021  Submission instructions for abstracts issued. Abstract submission portal opens
 1 June 2021  Conference registration opens to all attendees
 1 July 2021  Abstract submission closes
 15 July 2021  Successful abstract submissions notified and invited to submit full entries
 31 August 2021  Final programme of conference day published
 24 September 2021  Conference
 28 September 2021  (Optional) Post conference debrief/feedback session with organisers/contributors 

Abstract submission

Both students and faculty are invited to submit abstracts. Working papers and full papers are invited, along with non-prose submissions (Poetry, Posters, Comics, etc.). There will be opportunity to submit audio/visual recordings (for example a PowerPoint presentation, a Poem recital) asynchronously as well. Further specifications will be announced when the abstract submission opens.

Abstracts can be submitted digitally via this page from 15 May 2021.