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Here we answer common questions about TEL Services, including how to ‘get started’ and how you might get a bespoke resource developed by us. 

I'm new to TEL and digitally enabled learning: Help!

If you’re a new member of staff, new to online delivery or digitally enabled learning generally, please contact the TEL Team to: 

  • Ensure that you’re signed up to relevant services.    
  • Gain awareness of the tools and technologies we use at BSMS to deliver learning.   
  • Investigate training opportunities available to you.   
  • Clarify the vision and objectives for digitally enabled learning at the School.  
  • We offer all new course team members an initial 1-2-1 session to ensure you’re set up OK and to answer any questions. 

I’d like to request some training 

You can use this form to request training. We offer scheduled training sessions and also bespoke training either 1-2-1 or in groups, depending on your needs. We’ll get an email when you send the form to us and we’ll be in contact to arrange a suitable option.


I’d like a new digital resource developed 

We can assist you with bespoke digital learning resource development, outside of the mainstay teaching and learning tools available to you. Examples from previous work include: 

  • Application development 
  • E-learning modules 
  • Video production  
  • Instructional videos 
  • Interactive videos 
  • 360/AR/VR 

Please complete the following form to request a resource.

Complete our form here >


Can I borrow technical equipment? 

Yes, you can borrow from the TEL team to make your own learning digital resources. For example, a portable recorder for professional audio capture and video cameras and for filming. 

When you submit this form, the TEL team will be notified and will get in contact with you to discuss the next step. 

Complete our form here >