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COVID-19 updates for staff and students

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COVID-19 updates for staff and students

This page will feature regular updates from BSMS on the latest return to campus updates for staff and students. Please check back for further updates.


Updates for staff

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9 October 2020

As part of our return to campus plans, We are asking that everyone downloads and uses the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app and there are codes across campus to scan and check yourself into. 

Download the app here >

All BSMS buildings have been assessed by both the Health and Safety and Estates Facilities Management teams and opened on 21 September. 

Other developments and updates include: 

  • An induction document for staff.
  • The filming of buildings to show staff how teaching and working spaces will look - view the film below.
  • Plans to release staff assessments and requirements over the coming weeks are also ongoing.

We are continuing to move through our four-phase return to campus plan. These phases are:

  • Phase 1 – BSMS Survey and analysis 
  • Phase 2 – Confirm capacity of available teaching and work spaces
  • Phase 3 – Determine resources needed – eg additional IT to enable working from campus and home, local sanitisation arrangements, provision of PPE
  • Phase 4 – Additional considerations – eg parking and catering

We are currently in Phase 4. Risk assessments have been carried out for each building and measures put in place to minimise risks of COVID transmission. Safety measures include limiting the number of people in spaces, staff rotas, mandatory wearing of face coverings in communal areas, hand sanitiser stations, personal protective equipment, enhanced cleaning (morning, evening and throughout the day). 

Several buildings are already open, including the Medical Teaching Building; Audrey Emerton Building; Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre; Medical Research Building; SHORE-C and the Watson Building. Essential staff might be working on campus on a rotational basis, as agreed with their teams or department. If you are unsure whether you are an essential worker, please discuss this with your line manager.

Phase 4 updates include:

  • Drs Orders Café – please note that Drs Orders Café in the Medical Teaching Building has now reopened but for takeaway only. This will be reviewed after three months. 
  • Protective face visors – these have now arrived for staff who wish to have one when on campus. Please contact your line manager if you would like one.
  • Toolkit for leaders and managers – the University of Sussex has issued new guidance for managers and leaders – view the toolkit here >
  • Signage – additional requests for signage and control measures are being processed.
  • Phase 4 additional considerations – now that BSMS are in Phase 4 of the return to campus plans, a new form will be issued shortly for staff to submit any new considerations or suggestions now many of us are back on campus. Please keep an eye out for this. 
  • Review process – BSMS will review these current measures in November, subject to Government guidance. 

Risk assessments

Risk assessment documents for staff in the Medical Teaching Building and Trafford Centre and now available on SharePoint via the link below.

View risk assessment documents here >

You can find much more information from both partner universities by following the links below.

University of Sussex updates >

University of Brighton updates (INTERNAL PAGE) >

All staff who have returned to campus should ensure they wear a facemask or visor in all campus buildings unless medically exempt. 

Updates for students 

13 October 2020

NHS COVID-19 app

All students and healthcare workers are encouraged to download and use the NHS COVID-19 app. However, they are advised to pause contact tracing while they are working in healthcare buildings, including hospitals and GP surgeries.

Read more on pausing here >

This is to avoid you being flagged as a contact of a positive case when you have been wearing appropriate PPE and adhering to high standard IPC practice. You can pause contact tracing within the app on the home screen. Remember to turn contact tracing back on once you leave this situation. When you pause contact tracing in the app it will give you the option to set a reminder to turn it back on after a certain period of time.

Read more about reminders here >

Guidance on what to do if you develop symptoms 

Firstly, please remember, that if you are unwell at all, do not attend any face to face teaching. Whether it is COVID-19 or flu or something else, we do not want to risk it potentially spreading to your patients, colleagues or staff.  If you are not well, please let the school office know by emailing Year 1 and 2) or (Year 3-5) as soon as possible.

  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms then you need to self-isolate immediately and get tested. Please do not attend any face to face/in person teaching.
  • You must also let the school office know immediately via phone or email.
  • Your household and support bubble must also self-isolate pending test results. 

Upon a positive test result you must self-isolate for 10 days. You must let the school office know the test result immediately please. If you are in significant contact with someone who has tested positive then you must self-isolate for 14 days. You do not need to be tested unless you then develop symptoms. 

Significant contact is defined as being within 1 meter for 1 minute with no PPE, or within 2 meters for more than 15mins without PPE. To be clear: being in contact with someone who is in contact with someone who has tested positive, does not require you to self-isolate. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all of the need to adhere to social distancing guidelines and also good hand hygiene. This is not just necessary when you are in a clinical setting, but also during breaks and in your own time outside of medical school teaching. 

The guidance will also be in the COVID-19 Advice and Risk Assessment area on MY Studies / mycourse area. Any updates and information will be posted there, as well as announcements and emails sent out to the whole cohort. 

As part of our return to campus plans, We are asking that everyone downloads and uses the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app and there are codes across campus to scan and check yourself into. 


Rule of six

At present, the ‘rule of six’ limits the number of other people you should meet with in a group – inside or outside. This is no more than 6 people unless you all live together (or are in the same support bubble).

Please remember that the ‘rule of six’ applies to all gatherings on campus/hospital setting outside of ‘COVID secure’ teaching. This means that during organised teaching/placements it is permitted to be in groups larger than six, but we would ask you adhere to social distancing throughout. 

However in corridors, travelling between teaching sessions or outside of your household it is not permitted to meet in groups larger than six. This includes forming study groups. 

Support bubbles

Please also note that “support bubbles” are only applicable to an adult who lives alone, or who lives alone with their children. As per government guidance they are permitted to form a support bubble with one other household. This does not mean that multiple student households can form a support bubble. This is not in line with the guidance and will put everyone in question at increased risk of exposure. 

As per the government guidance you must avoid social interaction with anyone outside of your household group, even if you see other people you know, unless it is during an organised teaching session/placement/clinical setting.

Further information for current students can be found on StudentCentral.

Read more on StudentCentral here >

Further information

The University of Brighton has setup a new email address for students on this campus:

FAQs, Covid 19 student emails and related content can be found via the links below:

Image of student with a microscope

Information for researchers

For the latest information on undergraduate, postgraduate (taught and research degrees) and staff research following the COVID-19 outbreak, please see our dedicated webpage.

View the information for researchers page >