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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Psychiatry updates

Psychiatry updates

These courses provide updates for clinicians working in psychiatry. Our clinically active teaching staff and our close links with regional mental health trusts allow us to provide regular, practice relevant updates across a variety of disciplines. BSMS CPD provides a wide variety of short courses and workshops throughout the year. For further information about any of the opportunities listed below contact the specific email address provided or
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Physical Health Update for Psychiatrists

This course will cover identification and management of common physical health disorders in psychiatry, in line with the 2017 CQUIN goal of 'Improving physical healthcare to reduce premature mortality in people with severe mental illness’. We will focus in more depth on specific physical health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. This course will provide practical advice and guidance on diagnostic guidelines, when to initiate treatment, prescribing, medications and associated side effects.

This course last ran 6 November 2019. We hope to run this course again soon. 

Previous event attendee feedback:

"Great examples of easy things to do to make significant changes."
"Very relevant and useful."
"Very relevant to clinical practice."
"Really clear and really relevant and appropriate and amusing too. Fantastic."
"Fantastic summary."
"Excellent. Clear. Clinically relevant."


Psychopharmacology Update 

This annual, one day technology update in pharmacological interventions for adult psychiatric disorders will cover new developments in therapeutics, guidelines and applied science, as relevant for continuing professional development of clinical prescribers and pharmacists. Topics covered are likely to include interventions for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and substance misuse disorders. 


Previous event attendee feedback: 
"Clear and well delivered." 
"Good selection of topics and would like more of it." 
"Great day, book me in for next year!"

Forensic Psychiatry Update 

This one day update on forensic risk assessment and management covers new developments in risk assessments, guidelines and applied science, as relevant for continuing professional development of mental health professionals dealing with risk issues.